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Why Your Estate Plan Needs a Durable Power of Attorney

If you’ve taken the time to create an estate plan, congratulations! This is an important task that too many people put off. If someone asked you why you created an estate plan, what would you say? Most people would answer that question with … Read More
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Man in Wheelchair with Nurse

Understanding the Medicare Skilled Nursing Benefit

Many people need skilled nursing care on a shorter-term basis, typically after an illness or injury has sent them to the hospital, but before they are up to caring for themselves at home. In these cases, Medicare does offer coverage for care in a ski… Read More
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Categories: Elder Law
100 Dollar Bill with Bow: Tax-Free Gift

How to Make Tax-Free Gifts to Your Children

You’ve reached that wonderful time in life when your children are grown, perhaps having their own children, and you have the financial means to make their lives better and easier. There are many ways to make gifts to your children, but you want… Read More
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Categories: Estate Planning, Tax Law
Three generations standing by cornfield on family farm

Family Farms Need Asset Protection

Family-owned farms are more than just a business. They are a source of pride and connection as well as income. Unfortunately, in recent years it has been harder and harder for family farms to keep afloat. Many family farmers are so busy with the day-… Read More
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Tax Planning Spelled with Blocks

Life Insurance: One of the Few Remaining Tax-Free Benefits

Life insurance allows you to make available to your heirs a significant amount of money upon your death. When life insurance benefits are paid to your designated beneficiary, they pass free of income tax. However, unless you take the proper estate an… Read More
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Woman Seated on Bed Offering Patient in Hospice Care a Glass of Water

What is Hospice Care and Who Pays for It?

Hospice care is care that is focused on making sure that people in the last stages of incurable diseases are able to spend their remaining days as comfortably and meaningfully as possible. The focus is on enhancing quality of life rather than prolong… Read More
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Blank List of Priorities for End of Life Planning

End-of-Life Planning is Important

Kenny Rogers famously crooned, “The most that you can hope for is to die in your sleep.” Unfortunately, while death comes for all of us eventually, we can’t guarantee it will come so painlessly or gently. As difficult as it is to co… Read More
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Padlock on Money Signifying Legacy Trusts

Legacy Trusts Protect Beneficiaries From Divorce and Lawsuits

Doctors, attorneys, and other professionals have the capacity to accumulate significant wealth as a result of their specialized and sought-after services. Unfortunately, those professionals are also vulnerable to lawsuits, when the outcome of the ser… Read More
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Asset-Based Long-Term Care

Asset-Based Long-Term Care Deserves a Look

Over 1.4 million people in the United States are in nursing homes. Our population is aging, and about 70 percent of them are expected to need long-term care at some point. Some stays will be brief. On average, care will be needed for three years, but… Read More
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Medicaid Asset Protection Trusts

The Benefits of Medicaid Asset Protection Trusts

Ideally, we’d all have the foresight and resources to plan ahead for the possibility of nursing home care in the future. The reality, of course, is that many of us don’t have long-term care insurance, and very few people have the ability… Read More
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