LLC’s and Limited Partnerships for Dayton and Ohio Asset Protection

The use of limited liability companies and limited partnerships for Dayton and Ohio asset protection is a common strategy because these business structures protect family assets from business risks and protect business assets from personal liability.… Read More

Dayton Asset Protection Strategies: Free Your Assets From Creditors and Lawsuits

Gudorf Law Group, based in Dayton, has asset protection strategies designed to protect a family’s assets in the event of an accident, business risk and other unexpected circumstances that may otherwise force a family to liquidate those assets to pa… Read More

Revocable Trusts — When to Use Them and Why

Revocable trusts and the assets they hold are less secure against lawsuits or nursing home expenses than irrevocable trusts because the trust creator has the ability to revoke the trust and regain ownership of the assets it holds. As a Dayton trust a… Read More

Family Farm Succession Planning: Gathering Your Team

Family Farm Succession Planning: Gathering Your Team Family farm succession planning is critical to ensuring that your family’s farm is passed to your heirs quickly, equitably and with minimal arguments or disruption to farm operations. As a Dayton… Read More

Ohio Veterans — Benefits from Little-known Pension can Help Pay for Long-term Care Needs

Ohio veterans, benefits from the Aid & Attendance pension for war veterans can help pay for in-home care, assisted living or a nursing home. As a lawyer focusing on estate planning, I find that few veterans are aware of these VA benefits and don… Read More

Medicaid, Nursing Homes & Home Care Options

When it comes to long-term care options paid for by Medicaid, nursing homes are the first thing most people think of. However, other options, including home care and assisted living, are available through Ohio’s PASSPORT and Assisted Living program… Read More

Avoiding Ohio Probate Court Costs

Ohio probate court costs can be minimal when an estate is contained in trusts. Probate court becomes involved whenever a person dies and they have left a will that needs to be executed or they have left an estate or some part of their estate that is… Read More

Fed & Ohio Capital Gains Tax Minimization Strategies

Ohio capital gains taxes and federal capital gains taxes can cost your heirs a lot of money, stripping down the value of the inheritance you intended to leave behind. Many people make the mistake of gifting their home or selling it to a family member… Read More

Protecting The Family Farm Through Trusts

Farm Property, Trusts & Limited Liability Companies: Preserving Ohio Family Farms for Future Generations Placing farm property in a trust-owned limited liability company (LLC) is often a key component of protecting a family farm against estate ta… Read More

Establishing a Special Needs Trust for Dayton and Ohio Residents with Special Care Needs

A Special Needs Trust for a Dayton or Ohio resident with special care needs is an excellent way to ensure that person’s needs continue to be met for the rest of their life. A Special Needs Trust (SNT) is designed to accomplish two important goals:… Read More