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What If the Government Comes After Your Business and Its Assets? [A Surprising Safety Net]

Your business may be extremely productive and profitable right now, but will you always be in this position? Ideally, yes. However, as a savvy entrepreneur/owner, you know that you cannot predict future risk based on present forecasts. You must expec… Read More

Enforcing Non-Compete Agreements in Ohio

Gudorf Law Group can assist in writing and reviewing non-compete agreements to ensure business interests are protected. Read More

Using Non-Compete Agreements to Protect Business Interests

Smart business owners use non-compete agreements and related employment agreements to restrict important employees from taking your trade secrets, intellectual property, customer relationships and going to work for a competitor. Read More

Recapitalizing Your Business to Share Income & Business Value with Family without Relinquishing Control

Recapitalization, in this case, is the process of restructuring and reissuing the shares of interest in the business into voting and non-voting shares or, in the case of an LLC, voting and non-voting membership units. Read More

Advantages of Converting Your Closely Held Corporation to a Limited Liability Company

Owners of closely held corporations — corporations whose stock is held by only a few individuals or family members — may find many advantages to converting their corporation to a limited liability company, also known as an LLC. Read More

Ohio Limited Liability Company Gets a Boost in Protective Powers

Until recently, the Ohio limited liability company left much to be desired in its ability to protect company assets from members’ creditors. But recent updates to the law have changed all that, and our Ohio asset protection attorney’s office is n… Read More

Identifying the Ideal Ohio Business Entity, Part 1: Sole Proprietorships and Partnerships

Control. Flexibility. Protection from liability. Options for investors. All of these factors and many others play an important role in choosing the right business entity for your business. Choose the wrong entity type and you could be subjected to un… Read More

Identifying the Ideal Organizational Entity for Your Ohio Business, Part 2: Limited Liability Companies

In our previous article on choosing a business entity, we looked briefly at some of the chief considerations that go into choosing a business entity and examined three business entities commonly used in Ohio, sole proprietorships, general partnership… Read More

Identifying the Ideal Organizational Entity for Your Ohio Business, Part 3: Corporations

This is the last article in our series on choosing an organizational entity for your business in Ohio. In our previous articles, we looked at sole proprietorships and partnerships, along with things to consider when choosing an entity, and then we lo… Read More

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I have collaborated and worked with Ted. He is a credentialed and experienced professional. Just as important, Ted is personable and easy to work. I recommend him without reservation. Read More
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