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Senior Man Giving Credit Card Details On The Phone

Protecting Yourself From Three Scams That Target Seniors

As members of the Baby Boom generation moves into their golden years, marketers will shower them with attention in hopes of garnering a share of their cash. Unfortunately, so will scammers. Older Americans have always been a popular target of scammer…
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May 2017 calendar page: Elder Law Month

May is Elder Law Month!

There are plenty of things to celebrate in May, but one that you’ve probably never considered is “National Elder Law Month.” While celebrating elder law may not be as immediately satisfying as celebrating, say, “National Hambu…
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Man in Wheelchair with Nurse

Understanding the Medicare Skilled Nursing Benefit

Many people need skilled nursing care on a shorter-term basis, typically after an illness or injury has sent them to the hospital, but before they are up to caring for themselves at home. In these cases, Medicare does offer coverage for care in a ski…
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Woman Seated on Bed Offering Patient in Hospice Care a Glass of Water

What is Hospice Care and Who Pays for It?

Hospice care is care that is focused on making sure that people in the last stages of incurable diseases are able to spend their remaining days as comfortably and meaningfully as possible. The focus is on enhancing quality of life rather than prolong…
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Blank List of Priorities for End of Life Planning

End-of-Life Planning is Important

Kenny Rogers famously crooned, “The most that you can hope for is to die in your sleep.” Unfortunately, while death comes for all of us eventually, we can’t guarantee it will come so painlessly or gently. As difficult as it is to co…
Nursing Home Costs

Nursing Home Costs Continue to Rise!

Nobody wants to need care in a nursing home, but the reality is that many people do. According to the Ohio Department of Aging, over 80,000 Ohio residents receive care in more than 1,000 nursing homes. Many of those who go into a nursing home are the…
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How to Protect Assets from the Nursing Home

Thousands of Americans need nursing home care every year. Many need this focused care because they are struggling with end of life illnesses or conditions that require constant skilled supervision. Nursing home care can be vital to preserving quality…

What Is Elder Law?

Elder law is an area of legal practice that focuses on the specific needs of seniors. It covers a wide range of elements, including: Estate Planning Wills, Trusts and Probate Trust Administration Elder Abuse Elder Fraud Powers of Attorney Elderly He…
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4 Tips For Talking To An Aging Parent About Extended Medical Care

For many people, one of the most difficult conversations to have involves talking with an aging parent about extended medical care. Here are some tips for talking with a parent about future care.

Talk With Your Elder Lawyer about Recent Medicare Changes

Recent changes to Medicare are giving elder lawyers and their clients some new options, meaning you may want to meet with your attorney to see if they apply to you.  A class-action lawsuit was recently brought, and the proposed settlement has some b…
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