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What are Life Estates and How are They Used in Planned Giving?

Life estates are a useful tool for making a substantial gift to charity by donating your home or farm without having to vacate the property or give up any benefits your currently enjoy from the property. You’ll receive a charitable tax deduction up… Read More

How to Know Which Charitable Organizations Qualify for Tax-Deductible Donations

Tax-deductible donations to charitable organizations as part of a planned giving program are a great way to minimize taxes and control how your money is used. However, the organizations you donate to must be chosen carefully. Not every non-profit or… Read More

What is a Donor Advised Fund and How is it Used in Planned Giving?

A donor advised fund or DAF is a charitable giving vehicle that provides an easy way for someone to donate assets to multiple charitable organizations in Ohio or other states without the hassle of paperwork for multiple donations. A DAF also provides… Read More

What is a Charitable Lead Trust and How is it Used in Planned Giving?

A charitable lead trust (CLT) is a form of trust that reduces a person’s estate tax by donating a portion of the estate to charity. A CLT can also provide an income tax deduction in some cases. Assets are placed in the trust and the trust makes pay… Read More

What is a Charitable Gift Annuity and How is it Used in Planned Giving?

A charitable gift annuity (CGA) is a financial arrangement in which a donor makes a gift of money or other assets to a charitable organization and in return the organization makes payments back to the donor for the remainder of his or her life. In ad… Read More

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I was introduced to Ted earlier this year by a mutual acquaintance and have had the opportunity to work with him since. Ted takes a comprehensive approach to working with his clients and does not leave any stone unturned. The team that he has assembl… Read More
– Adam Eisenberg, Owner, Midwest Insurance Group

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