How to Choose the Right Lawyer to Prepare Your Ohio Legacy Trust

UPDATED: As a high net worth individual who’s enthusiastic about preparing an Ohio Legacy Trust to shield your assets from creditors and predators, you want to choose an effective attorney to help you. This short essay can help you figure out your purpose and parameters.

First, decide exactly why you want and/or need such a trust, so you can communicate and manage to achieve that purpose. Do you want to protect an inheritance from tax issues before you embark on an ambitious new business venture? Do you need to put protections in place to prevent careless children (or other dependents) from accidentally putting your hard-won assets at risk?

Next, you want to establish what you want out of your relationship with your attorney. Do you want someone geographically nearby in Ohio? Someone experienced specifically with asset protection and Ohio Legacy Trusts? Someone who works routinely with high net worth individuals and thus understands their unique concerns and drives?

Determine in advance what you want out of the relationship with the attorney as well as what risk protection you need. The clearer your understanding of these elements, the more likely you are to obtain the desired results. You probably want an attorney who bills fairly, who is located conveniently, and who provides extensive customized service.

Create a short list of prospective law firms, and schedule consultations with two or three firms. Prior to these consultations, write down a list of questions and concerns about your situation, and take excellent notes. As the old Chinese proverb warns, the faintest ink is worth more than the strongest memory.

An Ohio Legacy Trust is a very complex and very powerful instrument. Please consider adding Gudorf Law Group to your short list of prospects, and call us any time with questions about your potential trust at 1-877-483-6730.