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Cincinnati Probate Information

Proving a Lost or Destroyed Will in an Ohio Probate Court by a Cincinnati Probate Attorney

Getting a spoiled, lost or destroyed will to be accepted by an Ohio probate court can be done, but it is a difficult process that requires testimony and other evidence to prove that the will existed and was not destroyed by the testator in order to revoke the will...

Requirements for Creating a Will that is Valid in Ohio

Our Cincinnati probate attorneys frequently gets asked about the requirements for creating a will. The question arises because many people have heard about cases in which someone's last will and testament was ruled as invalid...

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Cincinnati Estate Administration Information

Our Cincinnati estate administration team can provide help and support during a difficult time with the following specialties:

  • Probate services
  • Trust administration
  • Estate and fiduciary tax return preparation
  • Asset retitling
  • Asset distribution
  • Other estate administration services

Administration of Estate: Information the Executor Must Gather

The administration of an estate requires that all of a decedent’s assets and possessions be identified, inventoried and distributed to the decedent’s creditors and beneficiaries...