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Our Ohio lawyers are experienced, knowledgeable, service-oriented. We serve Centerville, OH in the following legal matters:

  • Estate Planning - Centerville, OH
    Estate planning encompasses much more than just a last will and testament...
  • Estate Administration - Centerville, OH
    If you need help with the probate of an Ohio will, or if you have been named as a successor trustee under a living trust, we offer a free consultation...
  • Elder Law - Centerville, OH
    Our Ohio elder law attorneys can show you how to help you or your family save hundreds of thousands of dollars through Medicaid planning, estate planning...
  • Asset Protection - Centerville, OH
    Our Ohio attorneys can use asset protection law to help you determine if your current assets are safe from potential creditors and reposition them if necessary.
  • Tax Law - Centerville, OH
    Overwhelming tax debts can destroy both your personal and financial life.  Do not let tax problems back you into a corner...

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If a business owner, professional or other financially successful individual has a desire to protect assets from unnecessary taxes, lawsuits, other unforeseen events and transfer those assets to the next generation most efficiently, Ted Gudorf has an… Read More
– Clay Callahan, CRPC

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