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If you want to ensure that your family has a sound financial future after you are gone, and that your wishes will be honored in the event of your legal incapacity or death, you need to work with a Centerville estate planning lawyer. Attorney Ted Gudorf and his experienced team have served the estate planning needs of Centerville families for decades.

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Every family is unique, and every family deserves an estate plan customized for their specific needs. Beyond a last will and testament, you may not even know what documents you need as a part of your estate plan. That’s fine. When you meet with the estate planning team at Gudorf Law Group, you don’t have to know what kind of estate plan you want. You just need to tell us what you are trying to protect. Our attorneys will advise you as to your options, including wills, financial and medical powers of attorney, various types of trusts, and more. We will strategize a plan to meet the needs you identify, whether you’re raising a family in Centerville or retiring here.

Of course, estate planning needs don’t just vary from family to family, but within the same family over time. With deep roots in the Centerville community, you can count on Gudorf Law Group to be available to help you update your estate plan as your needs evolve. And when it comes time to probate an estate, Gudorf Law Group is available to guide families through the Montgomery County probate process.

Estate Planning Lawyers in Centerville, OH

People put off estate planning for a variety of a variety of reasons, including the pressing demands of daily life and the inconvenience of traveling to an attorney’s office for a need that may not seem urgent.

Unfortunately, as too many people discover, you can put off making an estate plan until it’s too late. If you are wondering, “Are there any estate planning lawyers near me?” you will be glad to know that Gudorf Law Group is conveniently located near Centerville, Ohio. The time you spend with our experienced, efficient team will set you at ease about the estate planning process and give you peace of mind that you have made a plan for your family’s future.

Elder Law Attorneys

Estate planning is one component of elder law. The term “elder law” refers to a group of legal practice areas that address the needs of seniors. In addition to estate planning, older individuals may need a guardian or conservator, help with long-term care planning or Medicaid planning, protection from exploitation, or help probating a loved one’s estate. The Centerville elder law attorneys of Gudorf Law Group are experienced in addressing the legal needs of older Ohioans, fulfilling our responsibilities with care and compassion.

Asset Protection Attorneys

You’ve worked hard to accumulate the assets you have. You have dedicated yourself to providing for your family, perhaps building up a farm or business to benefit your children and grandchildren. The last thing you want to see happen is for your hard-earned assets to go to creditors instead. Our Centerville asset protection attorneys can create an estate plan designed specifically for asset protection, so your property benefits you and your loved ones—not creditors.

Tax Planning Services

Tax planning is part and parcel of making an estate plan. You don’t want your assets to go toward paying for a nursing home or to creditors, and you certainly don’t want them to go to the government in the form of unnecessary taxes. Everyone should pay their fair share of taxes, but no one should have to pay more than their share. Our Centerville tax planning attorneys will devise a plan to minimize gift tax, estate tax, and generation-skipping transfer tax, so that more of your property goes to the people you love.

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Gudorf Law Group offers Centerville residents a wide range of estate planning, tax planning, and elder law services. Conveniently located a short drive away from the Montgomery County Courthouse, our experienced staff is ready to address the needs of residents who want a secure future for their families.

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Gudorf Law Group takes pride in offering families customized, compassionate, competent service for their estate planning needs. We invite you to contact Gudorf Law Group to schedule a consultation to discuss your concerns with our Centerville estate planning attorneys. Don’t put it off another day; let us help you plan for your family’s future and achieve peace of mind.

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