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Our Ohio estate planning attorneys are committed to offering comprehensive financial security for you and your loved ones. Visit our Free Estate Planning Resources page to learn more. Knowledge is a powerful tool to ensure proper planning and care for your family and your future.

Our Greenville, OH Estate Planning Services:

  • Probate - Greenville, OH
    Our estate administration services are offered both to Ohio and out-of-state executors and trustees...
  • Elder Law - Greenville, OH
    Our Ohio elder law attorneys handle every legal issue affecting the lives of seniors and their families...
  • Special Needs Planning - Greenville, OH
    Our attorneys serving Greenville, OH can provide expert guidance in the creation of your trust and resolution of other legal matters unique to families with special needs...
  • Estate Planning - Greenville, OH
    Estate planning offers tremendous peace of mind for residents of any age – because nobody can tell the future...
  • Asset Protection - Greenville, OH
    Our experienced attorneys can work with you to develop different types of wealth preservation strategies to protect you, your family, and your business from a major financial crisis...

Ohio Estate Planning Blog:

Establishing a Special Needs Trust for Greenville, OH residents with Special Care Needs

"A Special Needs Trust for somone with special care needs is an excellent way to ensure that person’s needs continue to be met for the rest of their life..." - Learn more

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Ted has shown his expert knowledge in all three facet of his law practice. From Estate Planning, Business Planning and Business Succession Planing. Any successful business person should seek out Ted for the legal advice needed on all matters of the p… Read More
– Paul Andzik

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