Dayton, Ohio Estate Planning Attorney Welcomes You!

Welcome to our new blog. After nearly 25 years of practicing law, I decided it would be fun to share with you some of my insights on the law in general, and specifically on the law as it pertains to estate planning and elder law.

Last week a middle aged acquaintance referred his 85 year old parents to our firm to review the trusts another attorney had created nearly 15 years ago. In making the referral, he said, “our family just wants to know that someone we trust will be there when the time comes.” In other words, getting you on board early will give our family peace of mind. I was thrilled! Finally, someone understood the essence of what we do.

Many prospects and even more lawyers think that estate planning and elder law is all about saving taxes, avoiding probate and preventing the nursing home or a lawsuit from taking all their hard earned money. While these things are very important, and we do them well, I have come to realize that our services are so much more important. Our real deliverable is peace of mind for the entire family. Now that is special!

Ted Gudorf