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Estate Planning 101: Incapacity Planning

If you asked 100 people on the street what estate planning is for, the great majority would probably say something like “to provide for your family,” or “to distribute your property after you die.” Those are certainly important reasons to hav… Read More

What is a Qualified Income Trust?

A qualified income trust, also known as a “Miller trust” or “qualifying income trust” is a legal arrangement that allows adults to qualify for Medicaid funds to pay for care. If you have researched the costs of long-term care, you know that i… Read More

How to Care for an Aging Parent

By Ted Gudorf, JD, LLM It’s a realization we all come to at some point: our parents, who used to care for us, now themselves need care. How to care for an aging parent is a financial and personal conversation many adults will have, and it includes… Read More

How To Plan For The Nursing Home?

If your family member is in a nursing home, it can be painful to watch them lose all their assets and income. For married couples this becomes even more devastating because you still need those resources at home for yourself too! There are strategies… Read More

How to Choose a Long-Term Care Facility

By Ted Gudorf, JD, LLM Choosing a long-term care facility that is right for yourself or a loved one is an important decision based on many different moving parts and variables. As such, it is critical to assess this choice as objectively as possible… Read More

Nursing Home Residents’ Rights During COVID (and Beyond)

You make the decision to help a family member move to a nursing home with your loved one’s best interests at heart, typically because they need a higher level of care than they can receive at home or in assisted living. That doesn’t mean the deci… Read More

Protecting Senior Investors From Exploitation: FINRA Rule 3241

Senior investors are often especially vulnerable to exploitation by those who are obligated to protect their financial interests: financial advisors and brokers who provide financial advice and manage their investments. In a recent study, one in twen… Read More

How to Plan for Nursing Home Costs

There’s a bumper sticker that says, “Be nice to your kids—they’ll be picking out your nursing home.” But while the saying might be good for a laugh, your monthly nursing home bill sure won’t be. AARP has estimated that 35% of people who a… Read More

Will Medicare Cover Your Hospital Stay?

Imagine that you discover you have a life-threatening illness. Fortunately, it is discovered early enough for treatment to be effective. You go to the hospital, have surgery, and spend two nights on the surgical ward before heading home to recover. Y… Read More

Moving a Nursing Home Resident From One State to Another

It’s a fairly common scenario: an older person, whose adult children may live in different states, begins to need more care than they can get at home. The older person and their family make the decision that nursing home care is needed, and a p… Read More