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Saving the Family Farm from the Nursing Home

The annual cost of nursing home care in Ohio can be more than $100,000, and is likely to increase with every passing year. That’s an unbearable financial burden for most families, including families that farm. When the expense of nursing home care… Read More

Joe Biden’s Tax Plan: What Has and Has Not Changed

When a new president takes office, tax planners and financial planners sift through campaign promises as if they were tea leaves, trying to predict what laws will change and how to adjust their planning accordingly. President Joe Biden has been in of… Read More

Succession Planning for Family Farms

For farming families, the farm is a major asset and a source of income; a legacy from previous generations, and an inheritance for future ones. But many families fail to put in place adequate farm succession planning and asset protection, which can j… Read More

Can Family Farms Qualify for SBA COVID Disaster Loans?

As of this writing, we are closing in on nearly 5 million confirmed COVID-19 cases in the United States. The virus has taken a toll not only on the health of its victims, but on the health of the economy, especially small businesses. Many of those sm… Read More

Family Farms Need Asset Protection

Family-owned farms are more than just a business. They are a source of pride and connection as well as income. Unfortunately, in recent years it has been harder and harder for family farms to keep afloat. Many family farmers are so busy with the day-… Read More

What Is a Succession Plan?

In life and in business, you must plan ahead for the unexpected. A succession plan outlines a clear path for what should happen to your company when you retire or step aside due to illness or a disability. Succession planning involves multiple compon… Read More

5 Life Insurance Setbacks and Mistakes That Ohio Farmers Should Know About

As an Ohio farmer who has weathered everything from employee challenges to crazy weather to wildly shifting market conditions, you understand the importance of hedging your bets and creating backup plans. In fact, one reason why you’re interested i… Read More

Disaster in the Field: How to Revise Your Ohio Estate Plans If Devastation Hits Your Farm

Owning a farm carries fundamental risks. As any business owner will tell you, the name of the game is not necessarily eliminating risks altogether but rather developing contingencies to handle them as well as plans that are flexible enough to withsta… Read More

3 Powerful Strategies to Help Your Ohio Farm Hedge Against Setbacks

A bad harvest, a disgruntled employee, a takeover bid from a larger agro business, a sudden illness, or dozens of other crises might be waiting to afflict your farm and throw your business into chaos. What can you do to prepare? Here are three time-t… Read More

Unexpected Setbacks That Can Undermine Your Ohio Farm Estate Planning

Ohio farmers understand that they must plan for a variety of contingencies to protect crops, keep animals healthy and clean, and maintain business operations, day-to-day. Setbacks are just part of the game. A crop may fail for unexpected reasons, suc… Read More