A Comprehensive Approach to Estate Planning and Asset Protection

At Gudorf Law Group, LLC, we believe in careful planning and proactive solutions to overcome challenges and issues before they arrive. With knowledge and foresight, we put our clients on a solid footing, so that the rollercoaster of life does not catch you by surprise.

Our attorneys have developed a comprehensive approach to estate planning and elder law unlike most area law firms. Our “Client-Centered 7 Step Process” guarantees clients that their plans will provide complete coverage for all of life’s ups and downs and will thoroughly address their legal issues if and when they arise. With our innovative process, we are able to analyze each client’s particular needs from every angle and ensure that all of the necessary problems have been addressed. Our firm’s unique approach is combined with the utilization of the latest in technology and trained specialists to enable our attorneys to build superior plans that protect clients’ assets now and well into the future.

While each situation is distinct, our 7 Step Process allows us to ensure the most beneficial results for our clients:

Step 1: Potential clients attend a no cost 90 minute educational workshop;

Step 2: Potential clients attend 60 minute no cost initial consultation;

Step 3: Clients attend 60 minute plan design session with a trained design specialist;

Step 4: Clients attend 120 minute plan delivery and asset funding meeting with firm team;

Step 5: Clients attend Long Term Care meeting with a Wealth Counselors, LLC trained advisor;

Step 6: Successor Trustees attend training workshop (optional);

Step 7: Clients attend Biennial Review Meeting.

Most estate plans fail because they were poorly designed, not funded, or were simply not updated. Gudorf Law Group’s Client-Centered 7 Step Process enables clients to have peace of mind knowing their trusted advisor is always by their side. The firm charges reasonable flat fees and does not bill extra for emails or phone calls.

Empowering Clients with the Tools & Information They Need

The cornerstone of our practice is education. With sound knowledge and a thorough understanding of legal principles, our attorneys are able to educate and counsel clients on important matters in their case, explaining complex areas of law in simple and direct terms that clients can easily understand. We strive at all times to keep clients informed and involved in the decision-making process, allowing them to be active participants in fashioning a remedy for their legal challenges.

In addition, we offer a wealth of information, including ebooks, audio files, videos, and more on our Free Estate Planning Resources page, where you can take learning into your own hands.

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Our legal services will benefit you personally and professionally at any stage in your life. Contact us today to start the process, or explore our comprehensive free resources to learn more about the wealth of information available to you from our firm.

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Ted is extremely knowledgeable in estate planning, elder law and business planning and is wonderful to work with. I have known Ted for many years through our affiliation in WealthCounsel. From time to time Ted and I have the opportunity to work toget… Read More
– Lance Like, Founder & Principal, Like Law Group LLC, Was with another company when working with Ted at Gudorf Law Group, LLC

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