Helping You Protect Your Assets

At Gudorf Law Group, we will provide the expertise and commitment to address your legal needs. Our attorneys are board-certified specialists. You will receive comprehensive guidance and advice, whatever you need, whether for estate planning, Medicaid planning, asset protection, business law, family farm preservation, Veteran’s Benefits, or tax law. Our goals are to ease your worries, provide for your well-being in your old age, and make sure the assets you've worked so hard to accumulate are distributed to your heirs.

With Gudorf Law Group, you can be certain we will assure you peace of mind and provide the asset protection you need. You can be confident your situation will be addressed with sincere professionalism and integrity. We strive to offer the best legal assistance possible to help you achieve your desired outcome. You can count on our dedicated team to communicate with you regularly and return calls promptly. You will never be kept in the dark regarding the state of your legal matters.

When you work with us, you receive complete, personalized service from an attorney committed to taking the time to listen to your unique needs, not a quick phone appointment with whoever is available to answer your question. We offer compassion and understanding, not an “umm hum” and on to the next paying client. We provide a strategic plan to address your case and work with you to take it to fruition, not a form letter in the mail without follow-up.

Here’s What We Can Do For You:

  • Deliver the stress-free help you deserve. We help ease the worries of seniors, veterans, and their families by setting-up estates to ensure the proper distribution of assets, as well as establishing eligibility for Medicaid and/or Veteran’s Benefits, while minimizing expenses such as taxes, court costs and attorney’s fees.
  • Provide the dedication and support you need. Our attorneys stand by you with a thorough understanding of Ohio law. We listen, care about, and will fight for you throughout the process if necessary.
  • Achieve the goal you desire. Our dedication and compassion, coupled with our years of experience, advanced degrees, and resources, ensure we achieve success in your case.

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