Assisting Individuals, Families, and Businesses with their Legal Needs

At Gudorf Law Group, LLC, we focus our legal expertise in the following practice areas:

Our clients come to our firm for assistance with many legal situations. If any of the following sound familiar to you, we may be able to help you achieve your goals.

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Here’s How We Can Help with Your Most Important Legal Needs

Minimizing the amount of taxes paid to the IRS from your estate so that a larger portion of the assets you worked so hard to acquire is left to your family not the government.

  • Working to assure your family farm remains in the family if that is your desire.
  • Taking the right actions to assure your assets are protected if a predator attempts to collect damages from a lawsuit.
  • Being sure your small business is structured properly to protect you in every way.
  • Structuring your assets and income so you can qualify for Medicaid to pay for the assisted living or nursing home care you are in need of or claiming Veterans’ Benefits.
  • Claiming the benefits owed to you as the widow of a veteran to aid with your spouse’s funeral expenses, your monthly family income, or even your own nursing home care.
  • Adequately protecting your accumulated wealth by minimizing your tax liability with forward-thinking asset management strategies that leverage Ohio trust laws in your favor.
  • Obtaining assets or inheritances intended for you but tied up in probate court.
  • Creating appropriate, accurate, and compliant legal forms, documentation, and structure for your business in order to reduce the risk of future legal troubles.
  • Understanding this year’s tax laws and how they apply to your LLC, corporation, or partnership.

At Gudorf Law Group, we understand that oftentimes, legal issues are confusing. That is why we recommend you choose a professional experienced in these areas, not one who provides them secondarily to other areas of the law. As early as our first meeting, we will take the time to listen to your situation and truly work to understand your needs. We’ll discuss your options and then formulate an appropriate action plan to achieve the outcome you are striving for using all the tools and methods available to us under the parameters of Ohio and federal law.

The ultimate result? From creating your will to understanding Ohio trust laws to claiming your Veteran’s Benefits or even establishing the appropriate legal entity for your small business, our experienced Ohio lawyers can provide you with the trusted guidance you need to ensure your legal matters, as well as those of your family and business, are in order and to help guarantee you peace of mind.

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