Free Estate Planning Seminar 2012 Schedule Online Now

Free Estate Planning Seminars: 2012 Schedule Online Now – Reserve Your Spot

Our free estate planning seminars cover everything from how to avoid estate tax and planning for long term health care needs to the use of living trusts and irrevocable trusts for asset protection. If you live in the Dayton area and have any questions about planning for the future of your estate or wonder what kind of planning you should do, plan to attend one of these seminars.

The seminar schedule for 2012 is now available on our web site. Just visit our Free Seminars page to view details about the seminars and reserve your spot.

Free Estate Planning Seminar – Learn How to Protect Yourself, Your Family and Your Assets

So far we have two estate planning seminars scheduled every month of 2012 through

July. Each of these popular seminars is held at Company 7 Barbeque in Englewood, on

the northern outskirts of Dayton, and includes a free dinner.

The seminars cover a variety of topics, including:

  • Why you should use a living trust instead of just a will
  • How to ensure your children’s inheritance is secure against divorce or lawsuits
  • How to avoid all estate taxes
  • How to multiply your IRA many times over by stretching it over your children’s lifetimes
  • What tools to use to avoid nursing homes and prevent spend-downs when qualifying for Medicaid

These seminars are a must for anyone in the greater Dayton region who has not yet planned for the future of their estate or planned for the possibility of long-term health care needs. Our seminars are also beneficial to individuals who have estate plans in place, but aren’t sure how well protected their assets are.

If you have any questions about asset protection, estate tax, living trusts, irrevocable trusts, Medicaid qualifications, planning for long-term health care or other estate or elder law topics, I invite you to attend a seminar and get the answers you need.

To reserve your spot at one of our seminars, visit our Free Estate Planning Seminars page and complete the reservation form at the bottom of the page. Or call our office toll-free at 877-483-6730 or 800-771-7606.