Gudorf Law Group Legacy Club™

Gudorf Law Group is a multi-client family office. We understand that when it comes to planning for everything we have and everyone we love, we all need advisors in our corner. But we also recognize the perception that having to meet with a lawyer or other advisor is something to avoid at all costs.

We are proud to have turned that mindset on its head through our one-of-a-kind Legacy Club. At Gudorf Law Group, we know that a one-and-done estate plan is unlikely to work for anyone. Why? Things change! The law changes, our families and wealth grow, and our goals and fears are ever evolving.

Our clients are welcomed into the Legacy Club, a client program that affords us the opportunity to cost-effectively work with our clients on an ongoing basis, to ensure that each and every estate plan we develop will work. The Legacy Club gives us the unique opportunity to engage with our clients on both a professional and personal level. After all, when you’re in the Club, you’re family!

Among the benefits of the Legacy Club are:

  1. Successor Trustee or Family Meeting – Within the first 6 months of the delivery of your estate plan, we will sit down with your family and other trusted persons involved in your estate plan to explain the structure of the plan, identify and describe roles and responsibilities, and answer any questions or concerns related to your plan.
  2. Ongoing Counseling – We will provide reasonable access to our attorneys, paralegals, and our funding coordinator to provide you with ongoing advice related to your plan.
  3. Client Appreciation Events – We host events for our members, including an annual Holiday Open House.
  4. Trust Funding Support for Newly Acquired Assets – We will assist you with ensuring that you properly fund your trust with new accounts, assets, etc
  5. ShareFile – We will provide you with 24-hour secure access to all your estate planning documents and other important documents, all of which are easily accessed through our Client Portal. ShareFile is powered by Citrix.
  6. Collaboration – We will forward all health care documents to your family physician and work with your other advisors including your CPA, Insurance Professional, and Investment Advisor.
  7. Access to the Legacy Club Referral Network – Members can call us any time for a qualified referral for virtually any kind of service, including referrals for everything from advisors or CPAs to HVAC or auto body shops.
  8. Educational Workshops – We take our responsibility as educators seriously, and we encourage you to attend any and all of our workshops on topics such as financial planning, income tax planning, asset protection, and more.
  9. Discounts between 10%-25% on law-related financial services through Wealth Counselors, LLC, Strategic Growth Asset Management, LLC, and/or Shelley L. Denney, LLC.
  10. Emergency Medical Information Card – You will be given a card complete with emergency contact and medical information including medical allergies and conditions. It also acknowledges your Living Will, HIPAA waiver and Health Care Power of Attorney.
  11. Annual Client Meeting – Each year, we host a meeting for groups of clients aimed at keeping you and your family current with the changing legal environment.
  12. Plan updates – All changes which do not require advice and counsel to you will be made at no additional charge.
  13. Complimentary Replacement of All Estate Planning Documents, in case of loss or damage.
  14. Annual Fee Waiver – If you refer us someone who becomes a Legacy Club™ member, we will waive the membership renewal fee for the next year.

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The Legacy Club is an integral part of our clients maintaining a successful estate plan. Contact us today to schedule a time to meet with us to learn more to discuss your estate plan and how the Legacy Club can benefit you.