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Cynthia J. Martin

Direct Dial: 937-898-5583,1012
Extension: 1012

Cynthia Martin has been with Gudorf Law Group since April 2021, and came to the firm from another respected local law office. In her capacity as Document Hub Coordinator, she works together with the firm’s attorneys in drafting and managing most of the documents that leave the office, including deeds, trusts, and ancillary documents.

With a B.S. in Accounting from the University of Cincinnati and a managerial background spanning over two decades, Cynthia has proven to be a great asset to Gudorf Law Group. Her meticulous nature is a good fit for the work of document preparation, in which precision and timeliness are essential. In addition to the focused nature of her document work, Cynthia enjoys having the opportunity to follow up with the firm’s clients on the phone to ensure that their questions regarding their documents are answered.

Cynthia spent part of her childhood in Germany before moving to Florida at age 13. As an adult, she worked in the travel industry for many years. Cynthia still enjoys traveling, scrapbooking her adventures, and reading.