Meet Megan: Why I Specialize in Estate Planning

By Megan Gaskin

Even though my original path wasn’t in estate planning, I have always loved helping people and counseling them when they need guidance. After one of my loved ones was in a major car accident that drastically changed their life, I saw how much an attorney helped them financially recover from that accident. That moment motivated me to pursue a legal career to help others as much as I can.

In pursuing my legal education, I realized that attorneys are not just representatives in the courtroom, but are also important counselors for their clients. I have dedicated my career to being that trusted confidant for my clients.

How I Got Started

I began my education at The Ohio State University and was on the path to becoming a psychologist. I have always loved helping people and was fascinated with the study of human thought. But during my undergraduate studies, I realized that law school was the best path forward for me.

During my time in law school at the University of Dayton, I worked with a respected law firm in Vandalia, and during that time, I assisted many clients during difficult times in their lives. After graduation and passing the bar, I worked at a law firm in Cincinnati and had the opportunity to do estate planning work. After spending time with this focus, I realized the importance of this industry. I knew I had found the area of law where I wanted to concentrate my practice. I joined Gudorf Law Group in 2019 to hone and expand my estate planning skills.

My Career Today

I’m so grateful I found my passion for estate planning because I am able to use my education and drive to inform my clients about their options, help them understand their whole financial picture, and guide them to achieve their specific goals. Our firm does so much more than just hand clients legal documents to sign. After working through the process together, the clients know they have a plan to help them accomplish their goals and a relationship with an attorney and a firm they can rely on.

I have always been and always will be a planner at heart. By helping clients create a plan, and then working with them to keep it updated as their lives or the laws change, I can help them avoid potential future heartache and just experience a smooth transition through life changes.

The best part of my job is watching things click when clients understand the true value of a proper estate plan. That “Oh, wow” moment when clients fully grasp what we’ve put together is so rewarding and makes all our hard work and planning worth it.

Let’s Look at Your Estate Plan

I have helped many clients create a sound estate plan that gives them peace of mind. Together we answer the question “What do we do to make this happen?” Have you considered your estate plan and all its intricacies? If not, I would love to talk more about your goals and future and build a relationship with you and your family. If you don’t already have an attorney team helping you do that, reach out to us today for a no-obligation conversation to see if our team at Gudorf Law Group would be a good fit for you. Contact us online or by phone at 937-898-5583, or email us at

About Megan

Attorney Megan Gaskin is a native of Hamersville and a lifelong Ohio resident. After attending college at The Ohio State University and law school at the University of Dayton School of Law, she worked for respected law firms in Cincinnati and Vandalia. Early in her career, Megan was given the opportunity to do estate planning work and knew she had found the area of the law in which she wanted to concentrate her practice.

Megan joined the team at Gudorf Law Group in 2019 to focus on estate planning and elder law. Her favorite thing about the practice is the opportunity to collaborate with clients to plan for their futures and to ensure security for their families. She enjoys working at Gudorf Law because of the firm’s strong emphasis on estate planning and elder law and dedication to providing knowledgeable, customized service to clients.

When not at work, Megan keeps busy with her husband restoring their 115-year-old home and is involved in cave conservation and exploration in Northern Kentucky. Megan is a member of the Dayton Bar Association and Ohio Bar Association.