WHIO: Coronavirus: Estate attorneys warn DNRs could prevent treatment for COVID-19

Attorney Ted Gudorf was recently featured on WHIO to discuss how DNRs and other healthcare directives that you have in place could impact your treatment for coronavirus, should you become infected. WHIO is television station WHIO-TV, virtual channel 7, and is a CBS-affiliated television station licensed to Dayton, Ohio serving the surrounding areas.

Here's an excerpt from the full interview as a preview:

“That DNR order, we are usually thinking about when we are 95-years-old, we have lived a great life, and we are either terminal or a permanently unconscious,” explained Gudorf. “We are thinking about that, we are not thinking about being 45-years-old and coming down with COVID-19.”

“Who do you trust to make the decisions? Do you want the doctor to make them all or do you want a family member involved?” asked managing attorney Ted Gudorf.

Read the rest of the article at WHIO.

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