Fiduciary Services

Gudorf Law Group offers private fiduciary services for individuals and families. Our attorneys, affiliated CPAs, and investment advisors, have decades of experience in estate and trust administration, with knowledge of the law, tax, and financial issues involved. We are frequently called upon both to advise trustees, executors, administrators, guardians, and conservators, and to serve in these capacities themselves. Whether administering a small, straightforward estate or managing a trust with multiple beneficiaries and complex assets, Gudorf Law Group offers clients an exceptional breadth and depth of experience in fiduciary services, including an attorney who served as a trust officer for a major bank for over a decade.

Comprehensive Fiduciary Services and Support for Fiduciaries

Individuals serving as fiduciaries may be dedicated to their task, but lack the experience, resources and time to carry it out to beneficiaries' greatest advantage. Corporate fiduciaries have the experience to manage assets wisely and efficiently but may not offer as much personal attention.

At Gudorf Law Group, we offer the best of both worlds: extensive experience in trust and estate administration, investments, and tax law, along with the personalized service our clients have come to expect. We take pride in offering work of the highest quality in a "family office" atmosphere.

We offer as much or as little support as our clients require, whether that means offering guidance to an individual serving as an executor or trustee, providing specific services to ease their burden, or taking over and assuming the role of trustee, guardian or administrator. Our attorneys offer a full range of services customized to your particular needs, including:

  • Administration of trusts and estates
  • Serving as guardian for protected individuals
  • Advisory services for individuals managing their own trusts
  • General advice to fiduciaries on all aspects of administration, including managing complex assets, contested estates, insolvency, dealing with creditors, and tax issues
  • Preparation and filing of tax returns
  • Investment and accounting services

Fiduciary Services Attorneys Serving Ohio and Indiana

If you have been nominated to serve as a personal representative, trustee, or guardian, you may have questions about your responsibilities, or may prefer to delegate those responsibilities to a fiduciary better equipped to handle them.

We invite you to contact our office in Dayton, Ohio or to call 937-898-5583 to schedule a complimentary consultation, so that we can answer your questions. Gudorf Law Group serves clients throughout Ohio, Indiana, and Kentucky.

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Ted is unusual for an attorney since he offers a 100% satisfaction guarantee. That tells you right off the bat he is committed to excellence and service to his clients in a tangible way. He is always learning and looking for how to create management… Read More
– Henry Harlow, Affiliated Practice Advisor, Atticus, Inc, Was a consultant or contractor to Ted at Gudorf Law Group, LLC

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