Ohio Guardianships

Guardianships are a tool to protect the interests of persons with a disability. When an Ohio resident is rendered unable to manage personal and/or financial affairs by mental disability, the probate court will appoint a guardian over the person, property, or both. The protected person is known, in legal terms, as the ward. The guardian is granted various powers by the probate court, according to the needs of the ward, and remains accountable to the probate court to act in the ward’s best interest. No matter the type or extent of protection your loved one requires, the guardianship attorney team at Gudorf Law Group, LLC can help you to evaluate their needs and explore the available options.

Helping to Protect Your Loved Ones and Their Property

Needing to have a guardian appointed for a loved one can be stressful and difficult, both from an emotional standpoint and a practical one. At Gudorf Law Group, LLC, our experienced and compassionate guardianship attorneys can answer your questions and guide you through the process, including:

  • Representing individuals seeking guardianship over a loved one
  • Preparing and filing applications for guardianship
  • Appearing at hearings regarding the need for guardianship and suitability of a potential guardianship
  • Offering advisory services to guardians
  • Acting as guardian over a ward’s property if a family member is unable to
  • Communicating with medical experts
  • Filing expert evaluations regarding proposed wards’ competence
  • Communicating with bonding agencies regarding guardianships over property
  • Making requests for authorizations to extend funds
  • Filing annual reports with probate court

In Ohio, guardians of a ward’s property must post a bond for twice the value of the ward’s tangible and intangible personal property. When family members are unable or unwilling to do so, one of our knowledgeable probate attorneys is able to act as guardian over the ward’s property.

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