Ohio Medicaid Planning Services

In a perfect world, we would all have the time, foresight, and resources to plan for the possibility of future nursing home or intensive medical care in the future, including Medicaid Planning. In the real world, however, the necessity of such care may arise suddenly and without warning. Such a crisis often arises when a loved one suffers a severe stroke, or is told they will need indefinite long-term care after a stay in hospital or rehab for an illness or injury.

The patient and his family are then confronted with two major stressors: dealing with the immediate health crisis and need for care, and arranging to pay for the needed care. Medicare will not cover most nursing home costs, leaving patients and families responsible for costs that typically exceed $5000 per month, and often much more. Even for people who have worked hard and saved carefully, a lifetime of savings can be depleted within months.

The answer is often to apply for Medicaid. Some people resist this, believing incorrectly that they cannot qualify. Others simply don’t know how to qualify, and are too overwhelmed with health issues and care concerns to wade through the requirements. This is where Gudorf Law Group, LLC, can help.

Crisis Medicaid Planning for Ohioans: Lifting a Burden

When you are faced with a situation in which even a month’s delay in qualifying for Medicaid translates into thousands of dollars lost, you need the help of qualified, knowledgeable professionals. Our compassionate attorneys, paralegals, and staff have extensive experience in helping individuals apply for Medicaid under crisis circumstances. We will:

  • Assess your loved one’s current Medicaid eligibility, including any recent gifts or transfers that might create a “red flag” to a caseworker. Even a gift or repayment made without any intention to defraud can be problematic if not properly addressed.
  • Do everything we can to protect your loved one’s assets within the bounds of the law, converting assets to “exempt” property wherever possible.
  • Prepare and file your loved one’s Medicaid application, using our experience and knowledge of the system to expedite the process as much as possible.

Errors in the Medicaid application process can be costly, both in terms of money lost and delays or denial of eligibility. The application process can be stressful enough when you’re not worried about the health of a loved one; it can be overwhelming when you are.

You need not face this crisis alone. Contact Gudorf Law Group, LLC for a consultation and assistance. We take pride in our 100% approval rate for crisis Medicaid applications, and in our persistence in expediting approvals. We take even greater satisfaction in being able to lift a burden from the shoulders of Ohioans and their families in a time of need.

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