Veterans' Aid and Attendance Benefits

For over six decades, long-term care financial assistance has been available to certain veterans and their surviving spouses through the Department of Veterans Affairs. This benefit, which does not require a service-connected disability, is intended to help cover the costs of caregivers in the home (including some family members) or help with the costs of assisted living or a nursing home.

This little-known benefit is available to military service members who served as little as one day during designated wartime periods, have qualifying income levels, who are age 65 and older, and who require assistance with one or more activities of daily living, such as dressing, bathing, eating, or using the bathroom. Depending on the level of need, the benefit can be as much as $2,054 monthly for a veteran and spouse, and up to $1,113 for the widow of a veteran.

There are different levels of eligibility. The lowest level, “Improved Pension,” offers a benefit to wartime veterans over 65 with qualifying income, but no need of help with activities of daily living (ADLs). Those who do require some assistance with ADLs may qualify for “Housebound” benefits. “Aid and Attendance” is the level of benefit available to those with the greatest need.

Helping You Navigate the Ohio Veterans Benefits Process

Many people whose family members qualify for benefits through this program are unaware that it even exists; in 2011, over 1.7 million people were eligible for the benefit, according to the New York Times, but only 38,076 veterans and 38,685 surviving spouses were granted the benefit.

For many, receiving the benefit could help them afford assistance that would allow them to remain in their homes longer, or simply to have the resources to live more comfortably. At Gudorf Law Group, LLC, we can help:

  • evaluate your current eligibility for the program
  • position your assets as permitted by law in order to maximize eligibility
  • prepare and file applications for benefits
  • follow up on applications to ensure the swiftest possible approval

If you have any questions about whether you or a loved one is eligible for these benefits, contact our office for a consultation. Our knowledgeable legal professionals are dedicated to pursuing benefits for eligible Ohio veterans and have a 100% approval rate.

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