Income Tax Planning

In life, it is said, nothing is certain but death and taxes. While it’s certainly difficult to avoid taxes, especially income tax, entirely, it is possible to plan in order to minimize one’s tax liability. Gudorf Law Group is affiliated with a group of companies to provide clients with comprehensive financial and wealth management service, including income tax planning.

Our affiliated companies employ both an Enrolled Agent with the IRS and a Certified Public Accountant, each of whom have over a quarter-century of experience with those credentials. These professionals are well-versed in Ohio and federal income tax law and assist our clients in income tax planning, preparation, and controversies.

The Benefits of Working with an Enrolled Agent

Many companies offer tax preparation services, but employ seasonal help who have received only days of training. An Enrolled Agent, in contrast, has either passed a comprehensive three-part IRS test on business and individual tax returns, or has experience as a former IRS employee. Those who meet these stringent criteria are granted the privilege of representing tax payers before the Internal Revenue Service.

The National Association of Enrolled Agents, created in 1972, serves to represent the interests of American taxpayers. So dedicated are Enrolled Agents to the rights of taxpayers that the NAEA has even more stringent continuing education requirements than the federal government itself. For individuals and business owners concerned about planning to minimize their income tax obligations, it makes sense to work with an Enrolled Agent.

How a CPA Can Help with Income Tax Planning

For the typical individual or business owner, tax preparation is a daunting task, and often one to be put off as long as possible. The support of a Certified Public Accountant can change that. Not only does the process become clearer and less stressful, the outcome is better for the taxpayer.

A CPA is a skilled guide through the unfamiliar and often treacherous terrain of income tax planning. A CPA can help you maximize deductions to offset tax liability, as well as to identify various options that are advantageous in your particular circumstances. Many people “don’t know what they don’t know” with regard to tax planning. A CPA knows the right questions to ask to maximize your tax savings.

Gudorf Law Group is dedicated to preserving our clients’ financial well-being, including assisting with income tax planning. We look forward to partnering with you to address your unique tax planning needs. Contact Gudorf Law Group using our online contact form or at 937-898-5583 to schedule a consultation.