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Best States to Start an LLC for Asset Protection? Ohio is Now at Top of the List

LLCs and asset protection — In Dayton and Ohio, asset protection attorneys frequently use a limited liability company (LLC) as part of an overall strategy to protect a client’s assets from potential creditors. Often clients have heard about formi… Read More

Ohio Asset Protection Attorney Explains How to Keep Control of Assets in a Trust or LLC

As an Ohio asset protection attorney, I frequently recommend that clients use an out-of-state irrevocable trust and limited liability company (LLC) to protect their assets against creditors, lawsuits and unnecessary taxes because using the two togeth… Read More

Ohio Asset Protection Lawyer Reveals Top 5 Mistakes in Using a Limited Liability Company for Asset Protection

In Ohio, asset protection lawyers often use a limited liability company (LLC) as part of an asset protection strategy. But an LLC must be structured correctly and specific requirements and ongoing procedures must be met if the LLC is to offer any ass… Read More

Ohio Asset Protection Lawyer Explains How LLC’s are Used in Asset Protection

Ohio asset protection lawyers frequently use limited liability companies (LLC’s) to distance a client’s assets from their businesses so the assets are less vulnerable to business risks and businesses are less vulnerable to the client’s personal… Read More