Carol Gonnella

I am an attorney specializing in estate, business and charitable planning. I have known Ted Gudorf for over ten years and have worked with Ted on many cases. Not only is Ted extremely bright, he is dedicated to his practice and his clients to a degree I have not seen in many of my other colleagues…who are also very dedicated. Ted takes each of his cases and delves into it with an enthusiasm and devotion to make the very best estate plan to satisfy the goals and dreams of that particular client. He crunches numbers to see the greatest tax savings for different strategies. He researches charities and charitable techniques for the greatest impact. He listens to his clients so he can adeptly draft the language to protect and provide for their loved ones. He cares…he really cares. Ted has a personality wherein he can easily work with other professionals without infringing on others’ egos. He is truly a team player and is highly respected by other estate planners around the country. He is constantly striving to learn more. Long after he received his Juris Doctor to be an attorney, Ted studied after his work day to get his Master in Tax. He enjoys learning new strategies so he has a firm grasp on complex techniques that may be just right for that particular client. What I admire most about Ted are his values. He is honest as the day is long, he is committed to his family, and he honors his friends, his community, his country. I would work with Ted at any time because it is an absolute pleasure. I am proud to call Ted my friend and colleague.