Nancy K. Saks

My husband and I first became acquainted with Gudorf Law Group in late 2008. We had been working on estate plans for some time with our life insurance agent and his associated financial planner, but we had some questions that were outside their areas of expertise. After an extensive search on their part, they recommended Ted Gudorf and his firm, and I'm forever grateful that they did.

Like many Gudorf clients, we were interested in minimizing federal estate taxes, but we had other concerns too. We have two adult sons, who were in their early twenties at the time. Neither was married or in a serious relationship. We were hoping to find a way to avoid the necessity of pre-nuptial agreements while still protecting assets in the event of a divorce. We were also hoping to find a plan that would be portable if we moved away from Ohio.

Gudorf Law Group fulfilled all our expectations and gave us outstanding service. They set up a number of trusts for us, but more importantly, they provided the necessary handholding to ensure that our assets were appropriately re-titled. We had set up a similar trust some years earlier, but I never felt that I knew exactly what needed to be done to maximize its effectiveness. In just three meetings with Ted, we were able to lay out all our concerns, make changes to the drafts he wrote, and finalize the documents. He even met with our sons to explain exactly what they needed to do in order to make the provisions work as planned. I really appreciate his attention to detail and thoroughness.

It's clear that Ted takes his responsibilities very seriously. He often attends workshops to keep abreast of the latest developments in tax law and estate planning. In addition, he makes it very convenient to work with him: our meetings usually took place on Saturdays or in the very late afternoons. Besides that, he's a most congenial person, and it was a pleasure to interact with him and his associates. I would not hesitate to recommend Gudorf Law Group to a friend or family member.

They have my highest recommendation.