I went with Gudorf for my estate planning as I needed to move fast due to having cardiovascular disease. They had a very good streamlined but comprehensive system to get my revocable living trust set up with full documentation, along with other features such as emergency wallet card service, one-year membership in exclusive club for follow-up advice on some other areas, and just a very comprehensive approach to cover all the relevant areas. They were so professional that I decided to follow up with them later this year for Medicaid estate claim advice along with guidance on the SST trust for one of my heirs. They also made it easy for general durable power of attorney, health care power of attorney, living will, and how to get changes done quickly and updated in their database and in my paperwork. I would recommend them for anybody that has to 1) Determine what estate law is relevant to their situation, 2) Getting all the information, 3) Completing all the various documentation, 4) and being there for RLT funding phase and changes, especially that first year. They also are located in northwest Dayton area so this was convenient for me too.