Walt Harrison

Ted Gudorf is a caring and compassionate attorney, strong on family values and community involvement. Where I feel that Ted excells beyond most attornies is in his outward display of his inner convictions. He brings order, purpose, perspective to all persons with whom he has the opportunity to interact. Ted's elloquence, and the delivery of his thoughts, has always been clear, concise, and very understandable. Ted regularly conducts educational venues one-on-one for his clients and prospective customers. He regularly conducts seminar style presentations, and offers educational programs for other professional throughout the Miami Valley community. Many of these programs are conducted without charge so the community can share in, and benefit from Ted's vast level of eldercare knowledge and estate planning services.Ted is extremely proficient in his professional craft and well recognized through Ohio for his accomplishments. I have ownership in two Greater Dayton area insurance agencies, and regularly encounter senior customers who need legal and estate guidance. I never hesitate to recommend that my clients contact Ted Gudorf for professional advice. Beyond the information noted above, I have grown to consider Ted a friend. Perhaps in life, that is one of the more important things that any one man can say of another man. Respectfully: Walter L. Harrison, CSA