VA Benefits Eligibility for Pension and Aid & Attendance Benefits

VA benefits eligibility — Applicants must qualify for pension benefits first, then Homebound and Aid & Attendance. Vets and spouses can receive veterans’ benefits for assisted living, nursing home and in-home care. An Ohio elder law attorney can help you qualify.

When applying for veterans’ benefits, an applicant must first qualify for basic pension benefits. If an applicant qualifies for basic pension benefits but has additional needs, such as in-home medical care, assistance with daily activities, or nursing home costs, they can then qualify for additional benefits through the Homebound and Aid & Attendance programs.

The Homebound and Aid & Attendance programs increase the rate of basic VA benefits. Eligibility for these programs is determined by the level of care the applicant requires. The Homebound program pays additional benefits for vets who are blind, disabled and/or age 65 or older who cannot leave their home without help. Aid & Attendance provides additional veterans’ benefits for assisted living, nursing home care, or a high level of in-home assistance, such as a vet who needs help with daily activities like bathing or eating.

An Ohio elder law attorney can assist with identifying the level of benefits you may qualify for and applying for those benefits.

VA Benefits Eligibility — Pension Rates

The pension rates for VA benefits eligibility recently changed and are higher than in previous years. Unlike some government benefits programs, benefit rates don’t change annually with the cost of living, but must be voted on by Congress. Below are the current pension rates for veterans’ benefits. Assisted living costs, nursing home costs, in-home care costs and other medical expenses can all be paid for out of your pension benefits:

Type of Benefit

Annual (monthly) Income Limit for Vet

Annual (monthly) Income Limit for Vet with One Dependent/Spouse

Service Pension $12,256 ($1,021) $16,051 ($1,337)
Housebound $14,978 ($1,248) $18,773 ($1,564)
Aid and Attendance $20,447 ($1,703) $24,239 ($2,019)
Each add’l child: +$2,093 (+$174)

To qualify for any of these benefits, applicants will have to meet certain criteria. While these will be explained in greater detail in an upcoming article, it’s important to know that that to qualify for veterans’ benefits, your assisted living, nursing home, in-home care or other medical expenses must exceed or come close to exceeding your total household income. An Ohio elder law attorney can help you meet the VA income guidelines and qualify for benefits.

Because of the complexities involved, applying for veterans benefits should be done with the skill and expertise of a knowledgeable Ohio elder law attorney. In Ohio, the elder law firm of Gudorf Law Group, LLC, can assist in qualifying for veterans’ benefits for assisted living, nursing homes or in-home care. Call our office at 1-877-483-6730 to schedule a free consultation regarding VA benefits eligibility.