WealthCounsel Estate Planning Strategies

WC Estate Planning Strategies Book Cover

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Wealth Counsel Estate Planning Strategies - complete ebook

Chapter One: Goals of Estate Planning
Chapter Two: Documents
Chapter Three: Team
Chapter Four: Overview of Estate, Gift & Tax Rules
Chapter Five: Real & Personal Property
Chapter Six: Joint Tenancy
Chapter Seven: Classification of Property Interests
Chapter Eight: Intestate Law
Chapter Nine: Wills-- Testamentary Capacity and Undue Influence
Chapter Ten: Types of Wills
Chapter Eleven: Descendents
Chapter Twelve: Designing Fiduciaries
Chapter Thirteen: Make Sure Your Property is Distributed The Way You Want If One of Your Children Dies Before You
Chapter Fourteen: No Contest Clauses in Wills & Trusts
Chapter Fifteen: The Pro's and Con's of Probate
Chapter Sixteen: Types of Probate Administration
Chapter Seventeen: Non Probate vs. Probate Assets
Chapter Eighteen: Trust Terminology & Types of Trusts
Chapter Nineteen: Overview of the Taxation Trusts
Chapter Twenty: Generation Skipping Transfer Tax
Chapter Twenty-One: Planning for Estates Worth Less Than the Generation Skipping Tax Exemption
Chapter Twenty-Two: Healthcare Durable Powers of Attorney
Chapter Twenty-Three: Advance Healthcare Directives
Chapter Twenty-Four: Long-Term Care and Disability Insurance
Chapter Twenty-Five: Special Needs Trusts
Chapter Twenty-Six: What Is Included In Your Estate
Chapter Twenty-Seven: Estate Tax Deductions
Chapter Twenty-Eight: Marital Deduction
Chapter Twenty Nine: Reduce Estate Taxes
Chapter Thirty: QTIP Trust
Chapter Thirty-One: Use of Disclaimers
Chapter Thirty-Two: Qualified Domestic Trust
Chapter Thirty-Three: Planning for Nontraditional Relationships
Chapter Thirty-Four: Annual Exclusion Planning
Chapter Thirty-Five: Advantages and Disadvantages of Gifting
Chapter Thirty-Six: Avoiding Estate Tax Gift-Splitting
Chapter Thirty-Seven: Custodial Accounts for Minors
Chapter Thirty-Eight: Young Beneficiaries
Chapter Thirty-Nine: Intra Family Loans
Chapter Forty: Installment Notes
Chapter Forty-One: Private Annuities
Chapter Forty-Two: Outright Gifts
Chapter Forty-Three: Charitable Remainder Trusts
Chapter Forty-Four: The Charitable Lead Trust
Chapter Forty-Five: Charitable Deductions and Contributions
Chapter Forty-Six: Conservation Easements
Chapter Forty-Seven: Modest Philanthropy
Chapter Forty-Eight: Setting Up A Private Foundation
Chapter Forty-Nine: Revocable Living Trusts
Chapter Fifty: Revocable Living Trusts- Separate or Joint?
Chapter Fifty-One: What Happens After The First Death?
Chapter Fifty-Two: Trustee Distribution Powers
Chapter Fifty-Three: Choosing A Trustee For Your Living Trust
Chapter Fifty-Four: Distributions After The Second Death
Chapter Fifty-Five: Trustees and Trust Protection
Chapter Fifty-Six: Funding Your Trust
Chapter Fifty-Seven: Trust Administration
Chapter Fifty-Eight: Who Has An Insurable Interest?
Chapter Fifty-Nine: Tax Issues Association With Life Insurance
Chapter Sixty: Irrevocable Life Insurance Trusts
Chapter Sixty-One: Avoiding Tax on Life Insurance Distributions
Chapter Sixty-Two: Transfer for Value Rule
Chapter Sixty-Three: Can You Afford You Buy-Sell Agreement?
Chapter Sixty-Four: Estate Tax for Everyone
Chapter Sixty-Five: Planning Strategies to Avoid IRD
Chapter Sixty-Six: Beneficiary Designations
Chapter Sixty-Seven: Required Minimum Distributions
Chapter Sixty-Eight: Standalone Retirement Distribution Trusts
Chapter Sixty-Nine: IRA Designated Beneficiary Trust
Chapter Seventy: Business Succession Planning
Chapter Seventy-One: Estate Panning, Business Succession & Exit Planning
Chapter Seventy-Two: Valuation Discounts & Premiums
Chapter Seventy-Three: Family Limited Partnerships
Chapter Seventy-Four: Limited Liability Companies
Chapter Seventy-Five: Grantor Retained Annuity Trusts
Chapter Seventy-Six: Qualified Personal Residence Trust
Chapter Seventy-Seven: Corporate Recapitalization
Chapter Seventy-Eight: Section 6166
Chapter Seventy-Nine: Asset Protection Case Studies
Chapter Eighty: Asset Protection Planning & LLC's
Chapter Eighty-One: Multiple Business Entities
Chapter Eighty-Two: Alaska Asset Protection Trusts
Chapter Eighty-Three: Planning With Wyoming LLC's
Chapter Eighty-Four: Estate Planning for Physicians & Other Professionals
Chapter Eighty-Five: State Death Taxes
Chapter Eighty-Six: Pet Trusts
Chapter Eighty-Seven: Buildup Equity Retirement Trusts
Chapter Eighty-Eight: Beneficiary Controlled Descendant's Trusts
Chapter Eighty-Nine: Captive Insurance Companies
Chapter Ninety: Elder Law Concepts
Chapter Ninety-One: Medicaid- Medi- Cal
Chapter Ninety-Two: Leave It In The Trust
Chapter Ninety-Three: When Should We Do Estate Planning?
Chapter Ninety-Four: Keeping Your Estate Plan Updated
Chapter Ninety-Five: Relationship Centered Planning
Chapter Ninety-Six: Ethics In Estate Planning