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Ted Gudorf has written a new book titled “When a Loved One Dies: A Legal Guide” to explain the issues families are likely to face and the steps you can take to ease the transition following a loved one’s passing.

Whether the loss was the result of a sudden calamity or from prolonged illness, the grieving process after losing a loved one leaves little room for the many major decisions thrust upon you. Attorneys ask you to sign legal papers, CPAs present tax returns and financial advisors suggest portfolio adjustments. These are the people that you want to deal with the least.

Download your free copy by clicking the link below.

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Ted is an experienced and talented law practitioner. He is remarkably distinguished in the areas of estate planning, estate administration, business planning, and asset protection and is able to aptly serve his clients with skill and professionalism.… Read More
– Kellie Snyder, Marketing Intern, Gudorf Law Group, LLC, reported to Ted at Gudorf Law Group, LLC

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