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Ted Gudorf, J.D., LL.M. has the distinction of being the first attorney in Ohio to obtain a Master of Laws degree in estate planning and elder law.  He is also one of only 152 Ohio State Bar Association Board Certified Specialists in estate planning, trust and probate law.

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If you need help with the probate of an Ohio will, or if you have been named as a successor trustee under a living trust, we offer a free consultation, in person or by telephone, with one of our qualified estate administration attorneys.  We can advise you regarding your postmortem trust administration duties... Learn more about our Allen County, Ohio Probate Services

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Ohio Probate Attorneys and Errors in Wills or Trusts Caused by Other Attorneys

"Occasionally, Ohio probate attorneys have to deal with an estate in which another attorney made an error when drafting a trust or a will. Sometimes there are mathematical errors. To resolve an error in a trust or will, the probate lawyer assisting the executor or administrator must open a case in Ohio probate court..."

Proving a Lost or Destroyed Will in an Ohio Probate Court

Getting a spoiled, lost or destroyed will to be accepted by an Ohio probate court can be done, but it is a difficult process that requires testimony and other evidence to prove that the will existed and was not destroyed by the testator in order to revoke the will.

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I have work with Ted both in variety of private, public and non-profit arenas over the past two decades. Ted has been a long term advocate for economic and community development in the community. His integrity and ethics are quite comforting for his… Read More
– Steven M. Carne

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