An extremely positive experience with Gudorf Law Group. With our two children now legally adults, we needed to update our trust and will. Gudorf Law Group, and more specifically, Megan G., was very attentive to our new needs and did a wonderful job updating both documents. They're definitely a good value.

– Dennis Hernit

The Gudorf attorneys and paralegals are helpful, professional and thorough. The administrative personnel are friendly and eager to help. I highly recommend this group.

– Scott Kasler

I appreciate the expertise and relationships with the entire Gudorf Law Group team. My father passed away recently, and Jeffrey Griffith and Shawn Howard are superb leaders in the field of Probate Law including every aspect of support throughout the entire process. It is truly a pleasure to work with them and the team. Everything is completed at the highest level of integrity.

– Heidi Jarvis-Grimes

I contacted Gudorf Law Group for assistance in setting up a will and trust, as well as advice on some other legal matters. They made the entire process from the initial phone call to the first appointment with Edward T. Matthews and all subsequent appointments nothing short of phenomenal. No matter whether it was a telephone call or an email, they always took urgency with their response time. At the end of the day, I knew Gudorf Law Group is going to look out for me and my family. Additionally, on their site they offer a great deal of FREE material, so even if everything does not apply to me at my current age or situation I can still educate myself, prepare myself, and ask as many questions as I need. I would highly recommend this group to anyone. It is evident that they truly care for their clients.

– Ashley Gilmartin

I went with Gudorf for my estate planning as I needed to move fast due to having cardiovascular disease. They had a very good streamlined but comprehensive system to get my revocable living trust set up with full documentation, along with other features such as emergency wallet card service, one-year membership in exclusive club for follow-up advice on some other areas, and just a very comprehensive approach to cover all the relevant areas. They were so professional that I decided to follow up with them later this year for Medicaid estate claim advice along with guidance on the SST trust for one of my heirs. They also made it easy for general durable power of attorney, health care power of attorney, living will, and how to get changes done quickly and updated in their database and in my paperwork. I would recommend them for anybody that has to 1) Determine what estate law is relevant to their situation, 2) Getting all the information, 3) Completing all the various documentation, 4) and being there for RLT funding phase and changes, especially that first year. They also are located in northwest Dayton area so this was convenient for me too.

– Sapwolf

The experience was very sincere and professional. Would highly recommend this firm to anyone.

– Tim Taylor
I have had the pleasure of working with Ted Gudorf for several years now after interviewing several Estate Planning Attorney’s who also specialized in Medicaid Planning. I also needed an Attorney well versed in the Agricultural community, as Nationwide Agribusiness is the largest writer of Farm owners in the U.S.. Ted has also interviewed with the lead Attorney for Nationwide Financial before becoming a strong partner Southwestern Ohio. Ted is an excellent communicator and experienced at speaking before large crowds at seminars. His knowledge, credentials, support staff and all around professionalism has been a tremendous asset to our joint clients, who we approach as a team. After 35 years in the insurance business and 22 years with Nationwide, this particular Partnership has developed into one of the strongest of my career. For anyone in need of an Estate Planning Attorney who is very well versed in Medicaid Planning, all types of Trusts and Tax Laws, I would not hesitate at all in recommending Ted. I am looking forward to many more years of this successful partnership….focused on helping clients
– Don Russell, Territory Sales Director - Nationwide Financial Network
I am an attorney specializing in estate, business and charitable planning. I have known Ted Gudorf for over ten years and have worked with Ted on many cases. Not only is Ted extremely bright, he is dedicated to his practice and his clients to a degree I have not seen in many of my other colleagues…who are also very dedicated. Ted takes each of his cases and delves into it with an enthusiasm and devotion to make the very best estate plan to satisfy the goals and dreams of that particular client. He crunches numbers to see the greatest tax savings for different strategies. He researches charities and charitable techniques for the greatest impact. He listens to his clients so he can adeptly draft the language to protect and provide for their loved ones. He cares…he really cares. Ted has a personality wherein he can easily work with other professionals without infringing on others’ egos. He is truly a team player and is highly respected by other estate planners around the country. He is constantly striving to learn more. Long after he received his Juris Doctor to be an attorney, Ted studied after his work day to get his Master in Tax. He enjoys learning new strategies so he has a firm grasp on complex techniques that may be just right for that particular client. What I admire most about Ted are his values. He is honest as the day is long, he is committed to his family, and he honors his friends, his community, his country. I would work with Ted at any time because it is an absolute pleasure. I am proud to call Ted my friend and colleague.
– Carol Gonnella, Gonnella and Majors, PC - Jackson, Wyoming
When I decided it was time to do estate planning, my financial advisor recommended Ted Gudorf. I could not be more pleased with the experience and result. Ted is obviously very knowledgeable and took the time to thoroughly understand my finances, family and objectives. He was also very patient in explaining the process to me and the pros and cons of various decisions I needed to make. I recommend Ted Gudorf to anyone in need of estate planning.
– Melody Weil, Owner
It gives me great pleasure to recommend Ted. We worked together for years and I found him to be highly ethical, trustworthy, reliable, brilliant, creative, and a very hard worker, and at the end of the day, a very trusted colleague. It doesn't get any better than that. April 29, 2011 Sue Patrick, APR, Senior Partner and Owner Patrick Public Relations Inc. (was with another company when working with Ted at Gudorf Law Group, LLC)
– Sue Patrick, APR, Senior Partner and Owner Patrick Public Relations Inc. (was with another company when working with Ted at Gudorf Law Group, LLC)
If a business owner, professional or other financially successful individual has a desire to protect assets from unnecessary taxes, lawsuits, other unforeseen events and transfer those assets to the next generation most efficiently, Ted Gudorf has an estate planning approach you should investigate. I have witnessed how he takes a creative approach with high level of integrity to deliver great results.
– Clay Callahan, CRPC
Ted is an excellent attorney, He is very successful because of his knowledge and because he focuses on his clients needs. I am very impressed with the Planning he has accomplished for families with large farm holdings. He is the one I would call for assistance and advice if I was called on to help with a family with a large farming business. I would highly recommend him in any estate planning situation.
– Jim Swain, Owner, Swain Law Firm

Ted Gudorf is informed, educated and dependable. If you're looking for an attorney who specializes in Estate Planning, or Elder Care Law. I can recommend Ted. Please contact me for Ted's contact information.

All The Best, Ed White, CLU, ChFC, LUTCF

– Ed White, Financial Advisor, A Balanced Financial Planning Co.
I have worked with Ted on seminars and also by sending him clients. The seminars we have done revolved around retirement planning and special needs trusts. We have always received a high rating from attendees in terms of content and presentation of material. When working with Ted I have found him to be VERY professional and knowledgable. I have found Ted to provide custom solutions to meet the particular needs of my clients and I know he can help you as well.
– Bob Caperna, Insurance & Retirement Planning, New York Life Insurance Company, was with another company when working with Ted at Gudorf Law Group, LLC
Ted has co-counseled with our firm on more than one occasion and has always been a pleasure to work with. He has significant knowledge and experience as an estate planning attorney and has provided our clients with a high level of work product. His staff is also top notch, reliable, and has a "get the job done" work ethic, which is always appreciated. I wouldn't hesitate to co-counsel with Ted in the future if the need arises with our clients.
– Kirsten Izatt
Ted is an expert in estate planning and business planning. I first met Ted through the Ohio Forum of Estate Planners. In addition, I have known Ted for many years through our affiliation in WealthCounsel, LLC. I know that Ted is a talented leader in every walk of his life; that he's committed to his family and community. Further Ted is and has been a natural mentor for young lawyers, always encouraging all of us to be better at what we do by willing to share his talent and knowledge with us. Even though we are at opposite ends of the state, Ted and I have had the opportunity to assist Ted in a matter he was handling in the southeastern part of the estate. Ted's staff are professional, helpful and courteous. Ted is in a large part responsible for my commitment to and participation in the Ohio Forum of Estate Planners. Thanks Ted for all that you do.
– Lynn Richardson, WealthCounsel, LLC
I have co-counseled with Ted Gudorf on numerous cases relating to estate planning and business planning. Ted is very knowledgeable in his field and is well respected in the estate planning community. Ted has extensive experience in working with clients on sophisticated estate planning techniques, including specialized planning for physicians and farmers. Ted and his staff are a pleasure to work with, and I would recommend his firm to any of my colleagues and clients.
– Jason Majors, Attorney, Gonnella & Majors, PC, Was with another company when working with Ted at Gudorf Law Group, LLC
I know of no other attorney I would hire to deal with estate planning and elder law. Ted is an expert in the field. He is an excellent listener who assimilates information in a thoughtful manner and comes up with best-case solutions. He conducts his work in a compassionate manner and it is evident that he authentically cares.
– Suzanne Starr
Ted is extremely knowledgable and skilled in the areas of estate planning, wealth preservation, and asset protection. He is always willing to assist clients and attorneys, is easy to work with, and provides top level services worthy of his designation as a certified specialist in the areas of estate planning, trust and probate law. I would recommend Ted to any client interested in these important matters.
– Charles Kay, Owner, Law Offices of Charles J. Kay, LLC, Was with another company when working with Ted at Gudorf Law Group, LLC
I have collaborated and worked with Ted. He is a credentialed and experienced professional. Just as important, Ted is personable and easy to work. I recommend him without reservation.
– Stephen J. Mancini, Principal; Attorney, Strazzeri Mancini LLP
Ted is unusual for an attorney since he offers a 100% satisfaction guarantee. That tells you right off the bat he is committed to excellence and service to his clients in a tangible way. He is always learning and looking for how to create management and marketing systems in his practice so he can serve his clients better than ever. I find Ted easy to talk with and he really listens. I enjoy working with Ted. He has my highest recommendation.
– Henry Harlow, Affiliated Practice Advisor, Atticus, Inc, Was a consultant or contractor to Ted at Gudorf Law Group, LLC
Ted Gudorf is a caring and compassionate attorney, strong on family values and community involvement. Where I feel that Ted excells beyond most attornies is in his outward display of his inner convictions. He brings order, purpose, perspective to all persons with whom he has the opportunity to interact. Ted's elloquence, and the delivery of his thoughts, has always been clear, concise, and very understandable. Ted regularly conducts educational venues one-on-one for his clients and prospective customers. He regularly conducts seminar style presentations, and offers educational programs for other professional throughout the Miami Valley community. Many of these programs are conducted without charge so the community can share in, and benefit from Ted's vast level of eldercare knowledge and estate planning services.Ted is extremely proficient in his professional craft and well recognized through Ohio for his accomplishments. I have ownership in two Greater Dayton area insurance agencies, and regularly encounter senior customers who need legal and estate guidance. I never hesitate to recommend that my clients contact Ted Gudorf for professional advice. Beyond the information noted above, I have grown to consider Ted a friend. Perhaps in life, that is one of the more important things that any one man can say of another man. Respectfully: Walter L. Harrison, CSA
– Walt Harrison, Agency Owner, Walter L. Harrison Insurance agency, Was with another company when working with Ted at Gudorf Law Group, LLC
I have known Ted Gudorf for 20 years and I highly recommend him. He is a passionate advocate for his clients and their needs; and is deeply dedicated to his service to his clients and the community. I have worked with Ted on a variety of community initiatives as well as with him in his work with his clients, and he always works collaboratively to achieve the best possible results for all involved. Ted is someone I greatly value for his expertise but also for his collegial approach and friendship.
– Vicki Giambrone, Vice President, Marketing and External Relations, Dayton Children's, Was with another company when working with Ted at Gudorf Law Group, LLC
I greatly respect Ted's knowledge of and expertise in the areas of trust and estate planning, asset protection planning, business planning, medicaid planning, and charitable planning. He is an expert in his field and is innovative and thorough in his work. His clients should know that they are in good hands when they hire Ted to assist them in their planning.
– Thomas C. Sturgill, Owner, The Law Offices of Thomas C. Sturgill, PSC
I have worked with Ted in conjunction with mutual clients. Ted has been very responsive and knowledgable.
– Michael Goldshot, President, Goldshot Lamb and Hobbs CPA's, Was with another company when working with Ted at Gudorf Law Group, LLC
I met Ted when he was President of the Ohio Forum of Estate Planning Attorneys. Being new to estate planning, he volunteered to spend some time with me to help me understand some very complex estate and tax planning techniques that many attorneys "gloss over". I was impressed. As a Specialist in Estate Planning, he really knows his stuff and gives his clients much more than "the usual".
– Russell Golowin, Elder Law and Estate Planning Attorney, Golowin Legal, LLC, Was with another company when working with Ted at Gudorf Law Group, LLC
I have work with Ted both in variety of private, public and non-profit arenas over the past two decades. Ted has been a long term advocate for economic and community development in the community. His integrity and ethics are quite comforting for his clients and peers.
– Steven M. Carne
Ted is an intelligent, compassionate, and caring individual who clarifies options, and accomplishes goals set by his clients.
– Cynthia Comer, Realtor, Irongate Inc., Realtors, Was with another company when working with Ted at Gudorf Law Group, LLC
I was introduced to Ted earlier this year by a mutual acquaintance and have had the opportunity to work with him since. Ted takes a comprehensive approach to working with his clients and does not leave any stone unturned. The team that he has assembled at Gudorf Law Group is second to none and I would highly recommend that anyone living in Western Ohio seek out Ted for their legal needs.
– Adam Eisenberg, Owner, Midwest Insurance Group
Ted is one of the founding fathers of the Greater Dayton Volunteer Lawyers Project. A respected attorney with a commitment to pro bono.
– Helenka Marculewicz, Executive Director, Greater Dayton Volunteer Lawyers Project, Was with another company when working with Ted at Gudorf Law Group, LLC
Ted is extremely knowledgeable in estate planning, elder law and business planning and is wonderful to work with. I have known Ted for many years through our affiliation in WealthCounsel. From time to time Ted and I have the opportunity to work together for our clients that may have Ohio and Indiana real estate or other multi-state issues. Ted and his staff are always willing to assist as needed and are always very timely in getting the work done. Ted is also always very willing to offer suggestions and ideas for practice management and development issues and gives freely of his time and experience. I know he has helped out many attorneys by freely sharing of his experience and expertise.
– Lance Like, Founder & Principal, Like Law Group LLC, Was with another company when working with Ted at Gudorf Law Group, LLC
Ted is an experienced and talented law practitioner. He is remarkably distinguished in the areas of estate planning, estate administration, business planning, and asset protection and is able to aptly serve his clients with skill and professionalism. Working for Ted allowed me to first-hand experience his masterfulness at team management. His extreme skills at organization and his deep passion for aiding his clients motivates those around him to consistently act with seriousness and devotion. Ted is a remarkable law practitioner who works endlessly to ensure the satisfaction of his clients. I greatly enjoyed my experiences in working for Ted.
– Kellie Snyder, Marketing Intern, Gudorf Law Group, LLC, reported to Ted at Gudorf Law Group, LLC
Ted's many years in public service has prepared him to be empathic to his clients. Always the professional, Ted really cares about the legal well-being of his clients. He clearly maps out alternatives and is very thorough in showing why he proposes a certain plan of action, outlining the benefits. Besides being a great professional, Ted is fun to be with and knows how to make people feel comfortable. I enjoy working with Ted to serve the interests of his clients.
– Don Chapin, President and Co-Founder of National Eligibility Solutions, National Eligibility Solutions, LLC, was with another company when working with Ted at Gudorf Law Group, LLC
Ted has shown his expert knowledge in all three facet of his law practice. From Estate Planning, Business Planning and Business Succession Planing. Any successful business person should seek out Ted for the legal advice needed on all matters of the protection of their estate, passing it on to their heirs, and charitable giving. This also includes buying and selling of businesses. His expertise on creating a business, the in and outs of the law, and how to pass that business on to either the heirs later on, or selling it to an outside party is second to none. Ted is a member of Wealth Counsel, the nation leading Estate Planning Group, and has his L.L.M. in Estate Planning from Western New England College.
– Paul Andzik
When it comes to having someone represent your interests, trust is the most important thing to me. That's why I can comfortably recommend Ted Gudorf! He's down to earth, a good communicator and feels like a friend. Believe me, you wouldn't want to be represented by anyone else. I certainly will continue to be advised by Ted and know I'm getting the best common sense advise there is!
– Manuel E. Brown, Jr.

My husband and I first became acquainted with Gudorf Law Group in late 2008. We had been working on estate plans for some time with our life insurance agent and his associated financial planner, but we had some questions that were outside their areas of expertise. After an extensive search on their part, they recommended Ted Gudorf and his firm, and I'm forever grateful that they did.

Like many Gudorf clients, we were interested in minimizing federal estate taxes, but we had other concerns too. We have two adult sons, who were in their early twenties at the time. Neither was married or in a serious relationship. We were hoping to find a way to avoid the necessity of pre-nuptial agreements while still protecting assets in the event of a divorce. We were also hoping to find a plan that would be portable if we moved away from Ohio.

Gudorf Law Group fulfilled all our expectations and gave us outstanding service. They set up a number of trusts for us, but more importantly, they provided the necessary handholding to ensure that our assets were appropriately re-titled. We had set up a similar trust some years earlier, but I never felt that I knew exactly what needed to be done to maximize its effectiveness. In just three meetings with Ted, we were able to lay out all our concerns, make changes to the drafts he wrote, and finalize the documents. He even met with our sons to explain exactly what they needed to do in order to make the provisions work as planned. I really appreciate his attention to detail and thoroughness.

It's clear that Ted takes his responsibilities very seriously. He often attends workshops to keep abreast of the latest developments in tax law and estate planning. In addition, he makes it very convenient to work with him: our meetings usually took place on Saturdays or in the very late afternoons. Besides that, he's a most congenial person, and it was a pleasure to interact with him and his associates. I would not hesitate to recommend Gudorf Law Group to a friend or family member.

They have my highest recommendation.

– Nancy K. Saks

I have used Gudorf Tax Group for 5 years now and have been extremely pleased with their timeliness, knowledge, professionalism and friendly service. My experience has been hassle-free and error-free for the entire time and I have recommended them to friends and family!

– Kristopher Huelsman

The Gudorf Tax group was very professional and punctual while completing my taxes. They made the process very easy! Jon and Justin explained my tax burden. These gentlemen know there stuff. Definitely going to this firm in the future!

– Bill Kohl

Gudorf Tax had done my taxes for years. Their professionalism and attention to detail is second to none. I strongly encourage anyone to give them a try. You will not be disappointed.

– Gary Orange

they prepared our taxes in a very timely manner and were very professional. We love Gudorf Tax Group! Highly recommended!

– Laura Jordan

I've been using this group for 3 years now and would recommend to anyone looking for a tax accountant as they are definitely worth the money. They are professional, responsive, and easy to work with.

– Jaime Blyth

A great group of people. Very clear on what they needed in order to prepare my returns. I dropped of what they asked for, and they got me a refund. Easiest money I've ever made.

– Elizabeth Shellaberger