Ohio Medicaid Planning

Ohio Medicaid Planning Can Be Confusing To Anyone

Ohio Medicaid planning information is provided on this page for your convenience. The cost of long-term care is often the largest threat to estate preservation, yet many people currently paying for assisted living or nursing home costs need not be paying at all! With nursing home care costing up to $70,000 per year, you can’t move too quickly to find out if we can help you acquire Medicaid coverage for long-term care. We understand the stress of arranging for long-term care and Medicaid laws are complex and constantly changing. Our Ohio lawyers are here to help you navigate through your options.

Are You Eligible for Medicaid Benefits?

To qualify for benefits, individuals must meet the criteria set by the state and that is where an Ohio attorney versed in Ohio Medicaid planning can help. We may be able to help you meet the requirements even if you have substantial assets. There are legal strategies we can employ so that your income is at or below the requirements and your assets are in excluded categories that won’t count for Medicaid eligibility determination. For your information, some of the basic circumstances taken into consideration include:

  • Residency - Applicant must be living in the state where the nursing home is located
  • Age 65 or disabled
  • Asset Allowances
    • Single Individual
      a. $1,500.00 in cash
      b. House (owned for 13 months; up to $500,000 in equity)
      c. Car (up to $4,500.00 NADA value)
      d. Personal belongings
      e. Irrevocable pre-paid burial plan
    • Married Couple
      a. $21,912.00 to $109,560.00 in cash
      b. House (if a spouse or other qualifying person lives there)
      c. Car (any value)
      d. Personal belongings
      e. Irrevocable Pre-paid burial plan
  • Income Allowances
    • Single - $40.00 per month
    • Married Couple - Minimum of $1,821.00 per month, maximum of $2,739.00 per month

Ohio Medicaid Planning By Our Ohio Attorney Could Help You Qualify

Filling out the Medicaid application is your first step to finding out if you meet the qualifications. A trusted advisor knowledgeable about Ohio Medicaid planning can be very useful in this process. A thirty-four-page application must be completed and all information verified by bank statements, canceled checks, tax returns, etc. The Department of Job and Family Services located in the County where the applicant resides will conduct an interview with you or an Authorized Representative (that can be one of our elder law attorneys). Once the interview is completed, you will receive a call or letter in the mail that will tell you whether you were approved or denied.

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