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Dayton, Ohio Asset Protection Attorney’s Answer to: “Why Do I Need to Protect My Assets?”

In Dayton, Ohio, our asset protection attorneys frequently see creditors, lawsuits and taxes devour people’s hard-earned assets. Trusts, including both domestic and offshore trusts, combined with business entities, insurance and other tools can kee… Read More

Ohio Asset Protection Attorney’s Answer to “What is Asset Protection?”

In Ohio, asset protection attorneys use trust law and Ohio asset protection laws to prevent your property, possessions, income and resources from being taken by lawsuits, creditors and the government. Plain and simple, asset protection is taking step… Read More

Asset Protection For Physicians and Professionals

Asset protection for physicians and other professionals is extremely important because of the high risk for lawsuits natural to their profession. A successful lawsuit will gobble up hard-earned assets in short time. But a well-planned asset protectio… Read More

Protecting Inheritance from Divorce

An Inheritance that is not properly protected can be divided between divorcing spouses in family court. If you leave an estate to your adult child and he or she gets divorced, the money and property you left behind could end up in the hands of your c… Read More

Assisted Living & Nursing Homes Costs: Protecting Your Assets from Reimbursement

Assisted living and nursing home costs can be extravagant, eating away at your savings, assets and the inheritance you intend to leave for your family if measures aren’t taken to protect them. Because of the high expense of extended care, many elde… Read More

LLC’s and Limited Partnerships for Dayton and Ohio Asset Protection

The use of limited liability companies and limited partnerships for Dayton and Ohio asset protection is a common strategy because these business structures protect family assets from business risks and protect business assets from personal liability.… Read More

Dayton Asset Protection Strategies: Free Your Assets From Creditors and Lawsuits

Gudorf Law Group, based in Dayton, has asset protection strategies designed to protect a family’s assets in the event of an accident, business risk and other unexpected circumstances that may otherwise force a family to liquidate those assets to pa… Read More

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