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How Do I Prepare My Trustee to Manage My Trust?

When you create a living trust, most of the time you serve as the trustee during your lifetime, with a successor trustee taking over upon your death. Depending on the terms of the trust document, the trustee may distribute trust assets shortly after… Read More

How Does the Probate Process Work?

Probate is the legal process by which a court formally recognizes that a will is valid and supervises the executor, who carries out the deceased person’s last wishes as explained in the will. If a person dies without a will or estate plan, probate… Read More

4 All Too Common Myths about the Probate Process (Debunked)

Unfortunately, common misconceptions about the Ohio probate process abound, creating frustration and confusion and occasionally leading to procrastination. Probate does not need to be an overwhelming or stressful experience. Read More

How Much Does Probate Cost?

Probate expenses can chip into assets you’ve spent a lifetime accumulating, robbing beneficiaries of much needed support and creating needless stress for everyone touched by the process. What kinds of fees and costs can you expect, and what can you… Read More

Guardianship of a Minor in Ohio: How They Work, When They Apply, and What Happens When They're Contested

Where guardianship of a minor is involved, it is best to be represented by an experienced estate planning and probate attorney. They can assist with the application for guardianship or objection to the appointment of a person or entity as guardian. Read More

Information to Give the Trustee of Your Estate

What Information You Need to Give the Trustee of Your Estate One key job of a trust lawyer is to help their clients choose who will be responsible for the trust that has been set up. The trustee has several very important jobs, and things will go smo… Read More

What is a Charitable Lead Trust and How is it Used in Planned Giving?

A charitable lead trust (CLT) is a form of trust that reduces a person’s estate tax by donating a portion of the estate to charity. A CLT can also provide an income tax deduction in some cases. Assets are placed in the trust and the trust makes pay… Read More

What is a Charitable Gift Annuity and How is it Used in Planned Giving?

A charitable gift annuity (CGA) is a financial arrangement in which a donor makes a gift of money or other assets to a charitable organization and in return the organization makes payments back to the donor for the remainder of his or her life. In ad… Read More

Administration of Estate: Information the Executor Must Gather

The administration of an estate requires that all of a decedent’s assets and possessions be identified, inventoried and distributed to the decedent’s creditors and beneficiaries. This job, which is handled by the executor of the estate, requires… Read More

Duties of the Executor

The duties of the executor during the probate of an estate include keeping detailed records of the estates assets and finances. Probate law requires that all estate assets and transactions involving estate funds be recorded and reported to the probat… Read More