Individual Income Tax Bra…

Individual Income Tax Brackets Change

You have no doubt heard a lot about the recently-enacted tax reform, and may be wondering what that means for your tax bracket. While tax reform has changed much about how we will pay taxes, one detail has not changed: there are still seven tax brack… Read More
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Woman Small Business Owner Typing on Laptop

Professional Service Company Owners Lose Out Under TCJA

As 2017 drew to a close, President Trump signed his promised tax reform into law. Dubbed the “Tax Cuts and Jobs Act,” (TCJA) it was the most significant and thorough reform to U.S. tax law in more than three decades. Since it took effect… Read More
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Photo: Model House on Stacks of Coins - New Tax Law Helps Landlords

How the New Tax Law Helps Landlords

With the recent passage of the federal Tax Cuts and Jobs Act (TCJA), taxpayers are beginning to learn how much they stand to benefit from the new law. One of the groups of individuals that stands to benefit is landlords. If you own rental property, l… Read More
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Tax Law Changes 2018 Note

Standard Deduction Increase vs. Elimination of Personal Exemptions: What Does it Mean?

Two of the changes brought about by the new Tax Cuts and Jobs Act are the increase in the size of the standard deduction and the elimination of the personal exemption. How do these two changes work, and do they offset each other? Will the change in t… Read More
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Small Business Owners in Their Wood Workshop

How Section 179 Increase and Bonus Depreciation May Help Your Small Business

Business owners know that when they purchase property for business use, such as a delivery truck or machinery for production, they can claim deductions for the purchase of that equipment as a business expense under Section 179 of the United States In… Read More
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Interview with prominent Florida Attorney Craig Hersch

In this podcast, Founding Attorney Ted Gudorf explains the reason he started Gudorf Law Group over 25 years ago and why it is one of Ohio’s fastest growing firms.  He also explains how the firm’s unique focus on asset protection planning has res… Read More
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Basket of Golden Eggs Representing Medicaid Compliant Annuity

How Medicaid Compliant Annuities Work

If you have needed to consider nursing home care for a family member, you are well aware of how expensive such care can be. Often, Medicaid funds are available to help pay for care, but they typically require the applicant to “spend down”… Read More
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Business Succession Planning: Two Men Handing Off Baton

Succession Planning for Professional Practices

For most business owners, their business is a source not only of income but of personal and professional pride. It may represent, aside from raising a family, the most significant achievement of their lifetime. Given the importance of the business in… Read More
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Asset Protection - Umbrella Protecting Money from Rain

Ohio is One of Top States for Asset Protection

Once again, Ohio has been ranked as one of the top states for asset protection. Ohio is one of seventeen states that permit Domestic Asset Protection Trusts (DAPT). Nevada attorney Steve Oshins does an annual ranking of the states that have the most… Read More
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Home For Sale Sign - Medicaid House Exemption

Ohio Medicaid Changes Rules Regarding House Exemption

Some recent changes to the Ohio Medicaid program may have escaped your notice at the time they took effect, but you should take notice if you or a loved one receives Medicaid in an Ohio nursing home or assisted living facility. The changes involve fi… Read More
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