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Elder Law & Asset Protection: What Happens to Your House if You Enter a Nursing Home?

Under Ohio’s elder laws, asset protection planning can protect your home in case you must enter a nursing home and must qualify for Medicaid. An asset protection strategy developed by a Dayton or Ohio Medicaid lawyer can prevent Medicaid from claim… Read More

Ohio Medicaid Planning: What Happens if I’ve Given Away or Transferred Assets in the Last 5 Years?

Proper Ohio Medicaid planning eliminates the need to give away assets to qualify for Medicaid. Asset protection plans from Ohio elder law attorneys enable Medicaid applicants to keep their assets and avoid a penalty for assets transferred or given aw… Read More

Ohio Medicaid Spend-Down Purchases: What Purchases are Allowable?

In Ohio, Medicaid spend down purchases are a common way to reduce assets when they are too high to qualify for Medicaid. Ohio Medicaid planning with an experienced and knowledgeable Ohio elder law lawyer can avoid the need for spend-down purchases. U… Read More

Ohio Elder Law Attorney Explains Asset Limits and Qualifications for Veterans Benefits

In Ohio, elder law attorneys commonly say that asset limits for VA benefits are $80,000 for a couple and $50,000 a single vet or widowed spouse of a vet. But qualifications for veterans’ benefits are actually more complicated than that. The actual… Read More

Ohio Elder Law Lawyer’s Answer to: “Can a Surviving Spouse Qualify for VA Benefits?”

In Ohio, elder law lawyers can usually help a veteran’s widowed spouse increase her/his chances of qualifying for veterans’ spouse benefits. Veterans’ survivor benefits are also available for surviving minor children of deceased veterans. Unfor… Read More

VA Benefits Eligibility for Pension and Aid & Attendance Benefits

VA benefits eligibility — Applicants must qualify for pension benefits first, then Homebound and Aid & Attendance. Vets and spouses can receive veterans’ benefits for assisted living, nursing home and in-home care. An Ohio elder law attorney… Read More

Ohio Elder Law Attorney Uses Irrevocable Trusts to Guard Assets from Nursing Homes

In Ohio, elder law attorneys commonly transfer ownership of clients’ assets to irrevocable trusts to protect them from Medicaid, nursing homes, creditors and lawsuits — the clients control them but don’t own them, so they can’t be taken away.… Read More

Ohio Medicaid Rules & Requirements to Qualify for Nursing Home Costs

The Ohio Medicaid rules determining whether an applicant qualifies for benefits depend on the particular program a person is applying for. In this article, we’re going to discuss the qualifications for an elderly applicant applying for benefits… Read More

Ohio Medicaid, Nursing Homes and the “Look-back” Period

When it comes to Ohio Medicaid and nursing homes, one of the most important factors to look at is Medicaid’s so-called “look-back” period. The look-back period makes it necessary to do advance Medicaid planning with an Ohio elder la… Read More

Ohio Medicaid Program for Home Care Options: PASSPORT

PASSPORT is an Ohio Medicaid program with long-term care options besides nursing homes. For Ohio residents with long-term healthcare needs that must be paid for by Medicaid, nursing homes are no longer the only option. Ohio’s PASSPORT program inclu… Read More

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