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Tactics to Maximize How Much of Your Ohio Farm Will Go to Those You Love and Trust

To create a great distribution plan for your Ohio farm, you need to maximize what you’ve got to distribute. If you plan poorly, harsh taxes and aggressive creditors can drain the estate, leaving you with little to pass on to your heirs. To that end… Read More

How to Equalize Gifts Among Heirs to Your Ohio Farm

Let’s say two of your children are actively engaged in the day to day business of your farm, plowing fields, taking care of animals, and working in the back room doing the paperwork, keeping your business in the black and safe from legal issues… Read More

Developing a Distribution Plan for Your Ohio Farm: The Fundamentals

Over the next several posts, we’re going to tackle an essential topic to educate Ohio farmers who want to protect their heirs, minimize the chances for unfortunate tax consequences, and ensure peace of mind for the family and everyone else touched… Read More

Attention Farmers! You’re Not "Too Busy" to Start Planning Your Estate

Life is busy when you run an agricultural business. Day to day activities — such as planting, harvesting, caring for animals, maintaining property, refining farming methods and recruiting great people — all take time and energy. It’s easy t… Read More

4 Steps to Recruit the Right Help for Your Ohio Farm’s Estate Planning

You want to protect your Ohio farm’s estate and success for future generations. Here are four simple steps to help you recruit excellent assistance. Step 1. Delegate Estate Planning to the Right Planner You need trustworthy people to help you with… Read More

3 Powerful Benefits of Planning for the Future of Your Ohio Farm

Have you ever thought about how future generations (i.e. your children, grandchildren and possibly even great grandchildren) will run your farm without your guidance? It’s an uncomfortable thought, perhaps, to know that your hand won’t always… Read More

3 Reasons Why Estate Planning for Farmers Is Simpler Than You Might Realize

As an Ohio farmer, you’ve been contemplating making plans for your estate. But you may be balking because the task seems difficult. It’s not something you’ve done before. By contrast, planning for your farm — planting, harvest… Read More

Reasons the Estate Planning Process is Much Less Complicated Than Some Ohio Farmers Fear

As an Ohio farmer, you devote your life to producing lush and profitable crops. As you consider the legacy you want to leave, estate planning can help you determine what will happen to your farm in the event of your death or incapacitation. Unfortuna… Read More

Family Farm Estate Planning in Ohio: 10 Reasons Why You Need to Do It

Family farms and estate planning in Ohio was a pretty hot topic at a recent Ohio Farm Bureau meeting that I spoke at. About 125 farmers from across the state showed up to hear me and the other speakers. One thing that struck me was that most of the f… Read More

Farm & Family Business Succession Planning: The Important Role of Insurance

In farm and family business succession planning, permanent life insurance policies play an extremely important role in that they equalize an inheritance between heirs who want to receive and run the farm or business and those who don’t. Combined wi… Read More