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How the New Tax Law Helps Landlords

With the recent passage of the federal Tax Cuts and Jobs Act (TCJA), taxpayers are beginning to learn how much they stand to benefit from the new law. One of the groups of individuals that stands to benefit is landlords. If you own rental property, l… Read More

Standard Deduction Increase vs. Elimination of Personal Exemptions: What Does it Mean?

Two of the changes brought about by the new Tax Cuts and Jobs Act are the increase in the size of the standard deduction and the elimination of the personal exemption. How do these two changes work, and do they offset each other? Will the change in t… Read More

How Section 179 Increase and Bonus Depreciation May Help Your Small Business

Business owners know that when they purchase property for business use, such as a delivery truck or machinery for production, they can claim deductions for the purchase of that equipment as a business expense under Section 179 of the United States In… Read More

How to Make Tax-Free Gifts to Your Children (Even If They're Adults)

You’ve reached that wonderful time in life when your children are grown, perhaps having their own children, and you have the financial means to make their lives better and easier. There are many ways to make gifts to your children, but you want… Read More

Same-Sex Spouses and the Marital Deduction

One of the key tax benefits available to married couples in the United States is the marital deduction. Thanks to the recent U.S. Supreme Court decision that legalized same-sex marriage, this deduction is now available to same-sex couples all across… Read More

Understanding Gift Tax Changes for Same-Sex Couples

The Supreme Court’s recent ruling in Obergefell v Hodges provided same-sex couples with a number of new rights and tax benefits that they didn’t have under previous laws. One of the most notable changes affected gift tax exclusion laws. A… Read More

Basics of Income Tax Deductions for Donations to Charitable Organizations

Taking advantage of income tax deductions for donations to charitable organizations gives an individual more control over how his or her money is used. Potential tax money is taken out of the hands of the government and given to charities the donor w… Read More

100% Estate Tax Elimination with a Testamentary Charitable Lead Trust or Charitable Remainder Trust

A testamentary charitable lead trust (CLT) or charitable remainder trust (CRT) can be used to totally eliminate estate taxes if the trust is structured properly. By including a formula and specific wording, a testamentary trust can be structured so t… Read More

Fed & Ohio Capital Gains Tax Minimization Strategies

Ohio capital gains taxes and federal capital gains taxes can cost your heirs a lot of money, stripping down the value of the inheritance you intended to leave behind. Many people make the mistake of gifting their home or selling it to a family member… Read More

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