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Third-Party Discretionary Trusts

There are many types of trusts, and they can be used to serve a variety of purposes: avoiding probate, minimizing taxes, protecting assets from creditors, providing for loved ones, and more. Your goal in creating a trust, and your circumstances, dict… Read More

Family Farms Need Asset Protection

Family-owned farms are more than just a business. They are a source of pride and connection as well as income. Unfortunately, in recent years it has been harder and harder for family farms to keep afloat. Many family farmers are so busy with the day-… Read More

Life Insurance: One of the Few Remaining Tax-Free Benefits

Life insurance allows you to make available to your heirs a significant amount of money upon your death. When life insurance benefits are paid to your designated beneficiary, they pass free of income tax. However, unless you take the proper estate an… Read More

The Benefits of Medicaid Asset Protection Trusts

Ideally, we’d all have the foresight and resources to plan ahead for the possibility of nursing home care in the future. The reality, of course, is that many of us don’t have long-term care insurance, and very few people have the ability… Read More

The Child Caretaker Exception: A Little Known Rule to Protect Your House from Medicaid

If you have looked into nursing home care for a loved one, you know that the cost of care in a facility is so costly that few people can afford to pay for it out of pocket for very long. As a result, many people must “spend down” assets i… Read More

How to Choose the Right Lawyer to Prepare Your Ohio Legacy Trust

UPDATED: As a high net worth individual who’s enthusiastic about preparing an Ohio Legacy Trust to shield your assets from creditors and predators, you want to choose an effective attorney to help you. This short essay can help you figure out your… Read More

Creating a Medicaid Asset Protection Trust

You’ve worked diligently over decades to save, plan for the future and protect yourself against various financial contingencies. Unfortunately, if you lack long-term care insurance, and you fail to establish an effective estate planning strategy, t… Read More

How to Protect Assets from the Nursing Home

Thousands of Americans need nursing home care every year. Many need this focused care because they are struggling with end of life illnesses or conditions that require constant skilled supervision. Nursing home care can be vital to preserving quality… Read More

How Can I Protect My Assets?

The after-effects of the 2008-2009 Recession still linger across the midwest, and many hard-working individuals in Ohio and across the United States worry about how they’ll shield their assets from what estate planning attorneys often call “credi… Read More

Key Legal Rights for Beneficiaries under an Ohio Trust

As a beneficiary of an Ohio trust, you have important rights protected by law. The trustee of an Ohio trust is a fiduciary charged with the responsibility of protecting and honoring those rights. What is a Beneficiary? A beneficiary is a person that… Read More

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I am an attorney specializing in estate, business and charitable planning. I have known Ted Gudorf for over ten years and have worked with Ted on many cases. Not only is Ted extremely bright, he is dedicated to his practice and his clients to a degre… Read More
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