Ohio Probate Law: What Assets Must Go Through Probate Upon Death?

Ohio probate law requires any property owned by the decedent alone at the time of death to go through probate if it is not jointly owned with survivorship rights, titled to a trust, or have a beneficiary designated. Even if you have a will, property… Read More

How Does Ohio Probate Law Handle Probate of Real Estate?

When going through probate, an estate’s real property or real estate is distributed to heirs by the probate court as proscribed by the deceased’s will. If there is no will or the will is determined to be invalid, the court will distribute… Read More

How Does Ohio Probate Law Handle Life Insurance and Financial Instruments in the Probate of an Estate?

Life insurance payouts and financial instruments (including bank accounts, individual retirement accounts, retirement plans and institutional accounts that are “payable at death”) avoid probate as long as a beneficiary is named in the pol… Read More

Joint Tenancy with Survivorship Rights: Will Our Home Avoid Probate?

“Joint tenancy” and “survivorship” are terms that refer to a particular way that real estate and other assets can be titled. Joint tenancy means that the real estate is titled to two or more people jointly. Each of the owners… Read More

Dayton Estate Planning Lawyer Rated “Preeminent” Among U.S. Lawyers

As a Dayton estate planning lawyer specializing in estate law and elder law, it gives me great pleasure to announce that Martindale-Hubble recently awarded me their top rating: AV Preeminent. What’s particularly special about this rating is that it… Read More

Challenging a Will in Ohio: What Circumstances Make a Will Invalid?

Challenging a will usually occurs when a family member of a deceased person believes the will does not reflect the true wishes of its creator or is otherwise invalid. Sometimes the challenger contests the will with a motive for selfish gain, but more… Read More

Asset Protection & Estate Planning for Same-Sex Couples

Asset protection strategies and estate planning are essential for same-sex couples who want to leave an inheritance for each other or give their partner decision-making power over their healthcare. Ohio laws do not give rights to domestic partners wh… Read More

Family Farm Estate Planning in Ohio: 10 Reasons Why You Need to Do It

Family farms and estate planning in Ohio was a pretty hot topic at a recent Ohio Farm Bureau meeting that I spoke at. About 125 farmers from across the state showed up to hear me and the other speakers. One thing that struck me was that most of the f… Read More

Family Estate Planning: How to Start A Conversation With Your Parents

Done together as a family, estate planning helps everyone feel secure about the future. Starting by discussing living wills, going to an estate planning seminar, or meeting together with a Dayton estate planning attorney can get the ball rolling. Bri… Read More

Probate & Estate Q & A

Probate of an estate often raises many questions. In this post, I’m going to answer the four most commonly asked questions about the probate process. First, though, a brief explanation of the process . . . Probate begins when a Ohio probate lawyer,… Read More

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