Avoid Gift Taxes & Estate Taxes While Helping Family & Friends in Hard Times

Gift tax and estate tax laws can really throw a wrench in the works when trying to help family and friends experiencing financial hardship in this difficult economy. Giving too much help of the wrong kind can subject those gifts to taxes or deplete y… Read More

Medical Power of Attorney for Adult Children’s Medical Emergencies

Medical power of attorney (also called healthcare power of attorney) allows you to designate another person(s) to make medical decisions on your behalf if you are unconscious or mentally incapacitated. My daughter recently turned 20 and is headed to… Read More

Limited Power of Attorney & Other Tools to Avoid Conflict Between Co-Agents

A Limited Power of Attorney, rather than General Power of Attorney, is one of the chief tools I use as an estate planning lawyer to reduce potential conflict between co-agents. Besides a Living Will and Healthcare Power of Attorney, it’s a good ide… Read More

Setting Legal Guardianship & ensuring Inheritance: Keys to Estate Planning for Young Families

Setting legal guardianship for your children and making sure you leave enough of an inheritance to support your children are the key objectives to estate planning for young families. Life insurance and a revocable living trust are the primary compone… Read More

Farm & Family Business Succession Planning: The Important Role of Insurance

In farm and family business succession planning, permanent life insurance policies play an extremely important role in that they equalize an inheritance between heirs who want to receive and run the farm or business and those who don’t. Combined wi… Read More

Ohio Nursing Home & Long Term Care: The First Priorities of Late-Life Planning

In Ohio, nursing homes and long-term care needs should be the first priorities of estate planning for folks over 65. Wills, trusts, and other estate planning tools that divide your estate amongst your heirs will mean little if your estate is consumed… Read More

Dayton, Ohio Estate Planning Attorney Welcomes You!

Welcome to our new blog. After nearly 25 years of practicing law, I decided it would be fun to share with you some of my insights on the law in general, and specifically on the law as it pertains to estate planning and elder law. Last week a middle a… Read More

Asset Protection For Physicians and Professionals

Asset protection for physicians and other professionals is extremely important because of the high risk for lawsuits natural to their profession. A successful lawsuit will gobble up hard-earned assets in short time. But a well-planned asset protectio… Read More

Protecting Inheritance from Divorce

An Inheritance that is not properly protected can be divided between divorcing spouses in family court. If you leave an estate to your adult child and he or she gets divorced, the money and property you left behind could end up in the hands of your c… Read More

Assisted Living & Nursing Homes Costs: Protecting Your Assets from Reimbursement

Assisted living and nursing home costs can be extravagant, eating away at your savings, assets and the inheritance you intend to leave for your family if measures aren’t taken to protect them. Because of the high expense of extended care, many elde… Read More

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