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Ohio Elder Law Attorney Uses Irrevocable Trusts to Guard Assets from Nursing Homes

In Ohio, elder law attorneys commonly transfer ownership of clients’ assets to irrevocable trusts to protect them from Medicaid, nursing homes, creditors and lawsuits — the clients control them but don’t own them, so they can’t be taken away.… Read More

Ohio Medicaid Rules & Requirements to Qualify for Nursing Home Costs

The Ohio Medicaid rules determining whether an applicant qualifies for benefits depend on the particular program a person is applying for. In this article, we’re going to discuss the qualifications for an elderly applicant applying for benefits… Read More

Ohio Medicaid, Nursing Homes and the “Look-back” Period

When it comes to Ohio Medicaid and nursing homes, one of the most important factors to look at is Medicaid’s so-called “look-back” period. The look-back period makes it necessary to do advance Medicaid planning with an Ohio elder la… Read More

Ohio Medicaid Program for Home Care Options: PASSPORT

PASSPORT is an Ohio Medicaid program with long-term care options besides nursing homes. For Ohio residents with long-term healthcare needs that must be paid for by Medicaid, nursing homes are no longer the only option. Ohio’s PASSPORT program inclu… Read More

Ohio Medicaid Eligibility: Should I Give My Assets Away to Qualify for Benefits?

Your Ohio Medicaid eligibility could be jeopardized if you give all your assets away. When determining eligibility and looking at an applicant’s resources and assets, Medicaid looks at not only the assets and resources the applicant owns at the tim… Read More

Ohio Medicaid Eligibility & Life Insurance

Your Ohio Medicaid eligibility may be threatened if you own too much life insurance. Avoid eligibility issues through proper Medicaid estate planning with an Ohio elder law lawyer. Many people have life insurance policies as part of their estate, so… Read More

Ohio Elder Law Attorney Answers: “What Assets Can My Spouse Keep if I Enter a Nursing Home Under Medicaid?”

In Ohio, elder law attorneys can use a Medicaid asset protection plan to help clients keep more assets if they need Medicaid to cover Ohio nursing home costs. Without advance Ohio Medicaid estate planning, a claimant’s spouse can only keep half… Read More

Medicaid, Nursing Homes & Home Care Options

When it comes to long-term care options paid for by Medicaid, nursing homes are the first thing most people think of. However, other options, including home care and assisted living, are available through Ohio’s PASSPORT and Assisted Living program… Read More